Tuesday, 31 March 2015

They're everywhere,

those mandalas.  When I move back into mandala mode, as I do frequently, they are everywhere I look.  I see them in nature when I'm out walking, or in quilts, on clothing, and in the studio.  The push me to make them in every form.

I draw them,

I turn wine bottle caps into them,

and do the same with beer bottle caps,

 time and again,

 over and over.

Discarded costume jewellery becomes a mandala

and so do CD's.

I've painted them, photographed them and created a colouring book dedicated to them.  And it's nearly out of stock.   I suspect that is the reason for their reappearance in my life right now.  It may be time to do a new version of that book. 

Did you know that mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sacred spirit'?  Where do you see them, and what are they telling you?

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