Thursday 29 September 2022

How can it be...

 ...that September is nearly over, and it's well over a month since I posted last?  Talk about making plans and life laughing.

I've had a wee bit of time this past week to work on a previously-started journal spread, and it is, at the least, colourful by now. 

While there's a long way to go yet, some areas are well in progress.

I'm really like the contrast between the masked areas and the dark overlay,

as well as the patterned work next to the wild abstracted leaves.

With lots of infilling yet to complete, 

I can see that it will be another week or two before this spread is finished.

There are more stencils and masks waiting for additional inspiration, just in case.

And with luck, it won't be a month before I get back to it!  Now, I'm off to catch up with what you've been doing while I was 'out to lunch'!  Happy creating, my friends.

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