Friday, 13 March 2015

Signature, please?

This past couple of months I've been enjoying The Creative Life, an art journalling play night once a month for a year at Creative Fix that I received as a Christmas gift (thanks Rochelle!). Although I've created many books, this particular course is of interest to me as we'll bind each signature (supposedly we'll create one a month over the year) into a completed book.

I started my February signature right after the class at the end of January.  The class demo was with Dylusions sprays, and I went right to town with them. I put that stuff on everything.

You can tell right off that with Valentine's Day in the month, I'd be using a lot of red.

And what's red without some yellow and orange to go with?  That would be like having a peanut butter and jam sandwich, sans the jam.

 There are surprises everywhere,

and there are so many pockets in the signature I even missed a couple of them when I first started photographing for this essay.

I used photos and alcohol inked wallpaper,

scraps, used paper towels, hole-punched papers and Gelli-prints galore,
I collaged, stenciled, glued and messed about until I was in colour heaven.

The signature pockets are filled with tags and small memo books,

and even with all that, I know there are more layers to come.

The next month's signature is well started, and last night's get together has me starting on a third this morning.  Who has more fun than an artist?!  Nobody, I think.

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