Thursday 16 February 2023

I'm obsessed with contrast...

...these days, as I work through the Abstract Mojo class.  Whether it's contrast in complementary colours,

contrast in values, 

size contrast, 



or any combination of them,

it is strong distinction that makes something worth looking at for any length of time.  The list of contrast in the visual arts goes on and on, and I suspect that each artist would  have a unique and fascinating lineup of favourites.

How about you - what's your top three in the world of contrast?  And do you notice that you use them again and again?  I look forward to hearing your answers!

Thursday 9 February 2023

The out-of-my-comfort-zone...

...continues as I explore the world of abstract madness.  The studio tables are piled high with works, mostly in progress.

While this week's session was supposedly about archetypal symbols, a couple of the pieces were called to a halt before any symbols were added since I liked them as they were.

Others are still (and may be forever) in progress, which is the best part about working with acrylics and mixed media.

I enjoyed the exploration of symbols (did you know there are hundreds of them online from every culture around the world???) and the process of starting a sketchbook library of the ones that spoke to me.  I suspect there will be many added to the ones that are already part of my visual vocabulary.  And I enjoyed the flash-in-the-pan intuitive way of working with them that had me slapping colour combinations together that wouldn't be any part of my painting process normally.

Here's to creative play in the studio - may your week have been just as much fun as mine!

Thursday 2 February 2023

My paint shirt...

 ...blew another gasket this week, on the left elbow this time.

I am not a fast mender by any means and with embroidery involved, it'll be a while before I can wear this again.

I was amused to see that the tear area hit some of the same colour tones as did the abstract piece I'm working on right now, and with the same feeling of delight - HA!  Never mind, by the time it's mended it will be a lot more colourful.

Learning new methods is a true challenge, and my painting skills are beyond rusty and well into the realm of 'What-in Heaven's-Name-is-She-Doing?'.  I'd love to be channeling dear Alice Saltiel these days, whose facility with a paint brush knew no bounds.

As it is, I'm finding bits and pieces of this painting that have potential down the road.

Notes to self while brushing up on painting skills:
  • it may help to use open acrylics for their longer drying time
  • wet, sloppy washes to start are great fun
  • no matter what, it's all play, AND
  • I can always paint over it all.  😉
Hope you've had a playful week, with a good mix of exciting exploration and that feeling of being extraordinarily capable.  Catch me up in your comments!
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