Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I don't talk...

...about design much on this blog, since it is such a HUGE subject, but if I'm working on honing my design skills (and what artist doesn't?), a favourite way to do so is through the use of photography and photo editing.  

Looking at photos through an editor means one can play with shape, colour, size, aspects, portions, and all sorts of other goodies.  I thought I'd share some of my play with you today, and score a colour fix at the same time.

The piece above is a section of a tag-in-process, as are the three below.  I love how they work as mini paintings.

This segment is from a background on a work-in-progress.

A Gelli print segment gives a completely different look when only a section is utilized.

And you know this has to be a favourite.  It's actually a teeny portion of a Gelli print that has been used in so many places I can hardly count them.

This next photo is for +JackieP Neal over on Google+, who was wondering about the heavily textured segment in a previous post.  You'll see the difference between the whole and the part if you take a peek there.

'Starry Night' mixed media mandala on a CD © Win Dinn

Now I'm curious - how do you hone your design skills?  I'd love to know your secrets, so please add to the comments!

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