Thursday 26 April 2018

Art buddies are the best...

...and this town is chock-a-block full of people that tickle my art fancy.  I was invited this week to play with Lynne Mizera, whose fully-equipped studio is just down the road from where I'm currently living.

While I neglected to take any photos (or even to take my camera) during the afternoon, I brought home a raft of Mad Scientist Experiments created with Distress Oxides and, eventually, a wee bit of embossing.  Given that I'd played with neither before (how did that happen????), it was a blast.

Distress Oxide over embossing on cardstock
Due to the soft weave of the watercolour paper, I was less enamoured of the quiet look.  I'm definitely not the understated type, am I?

Distress Oxide on watercolour paper

 I was more enthusiastic about the cardstock pieces, though.

Distress Oxide on cardstock

Distress Oxide on cardstock
Distress Oxide on cardstock
It was interesting to note that the Yupo paper did not set the Oxides at all, until Lynne got really creative and mixed Oxides with about the same amount of water, left the slop mix to dry for an hour or so, and then tested it again.   The water diluted the Oxide enough so that it set that time.  I was not so patient, and found that I could finger blend the piece I did (Is there an advantage there?  Maybe!).

Distress Oxide on Yupo paper
I was all exciterpated about the Oxides used on photograph paper.  They dried very dull, but when wiped off with baby wipes, came over all glossy and showed some unexpected colours.  I was practically foaming at the mouth with the results. 

Distress Oxides on photo paper

Distress Oxides on photo paper

Distress Oxides on photo paper

Distress Oxides on photo paper

Distress Oxides over embossing on cardstock

All in all, it couldn't have been a better afternoon.  I hope you've had some artistic adventures this week - catch me up in the comments below, please!  

Thursday 19 April 2018

Sometimes when I get an idea... my head, it's hard to shake (the idea, that head shakes quite easily ☺️).  This journal page was one of those.

I was experimenting with alcohol inks on crumpled aluminum foil with an aim towards making another wonky neighbourhood piece, and created this quiet (HA!) beauty.  Doesn't that just knock your socks into left field?

Back to the drawing board, where I spray-glued the scrunched foil to printer paper, and then painted on/rubbed off some black gesso.

I wound up with these two pieces of paper,

which gave me the richer colour I was looking for once the inks were applied.

Tearing the papers into sections, I applied them to a black-gessoed spread in my journal, and realized they'd morphed into a standing stone image.  So much for the wonky houses, right?

I applied some Inka Gold in both the sky and ground,

and then added some sugar dust to the sky and two final stones to finish the page.   

I was interested in the negative spaces created by the stones, so I took some closer shots for posterity.

Those alcohol ink foils are truly delicious, no?

What's happening in your creative world right now?  Please share in the comments below, and feel free to add a link if you like.

Thursday 5 April 2018

Did I say wonky?

I definitely meant wonky.  These houses are so far out of line they'd have sent my strict school-teacher mother bananas.

'The New Hood' mixed media on paper © Win Dinn 2018
Here's what happened.  I'd a yen to turn this collage into a stencil.

 With a Sharpie pen sketch and some judicious cutting, my trusty stencil burner did the job nicely.

I found this yummy Gelli print in my stash, and using the ghost print, created a faint design with some red paint.

Because I'd not been as generous with the paint as I could have been, the design was less than clear so I utilized that Sharpie again and did some outlining in black.  I scrumbled some green grass in the foreground with a stamp pad, just because I could.

Adding several layers of blue acrylic paint mixed with iridescent pearl in the sky area lightened things up considerably.

By the time I added some work in oil pastels the whole neighbourhood was rocking.

'The New Hood' mixed media on paper ©Win Dinn 2018

John and I are pretty sure that the house on the left is our new one (it's because of the tiny garage, says he).  I can hardly wait to meet the neighbours!

If you've got a yen to own this painting, why not share this post to your favourite social media?  Let me know where you've shared it in the comments below, and I'll put your name in a draw for each time you do so.  April 30 is the draw date, so get those fingers working!

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