Tuesday, 31 March 2015

They're everywhere,

those mandalas.  When I move back into mandala mode, as I do frequently, they are everywhere I look.  I see them in nature when I'm out walking, or in quilts, on clothing, and in the studio.  The push me to make them in every form.

I draw them,

I turn wine bottle caps into them,

and do the same with beer bottle caps,

 time and again,

 over and over.

Discarded costume jewellery becomes a mandala

and so do CD's.

I've painted them, photographed them and created a colouring book dedicated to them.  And it's nearly out of stock.   I suspect that is the reason for their reappearance in my life right now.  It may be time to do a new version of that book. 

Did you know that mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'sacred spirit'?  Where do you see them, and what are they telling you?

Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm hitting the bottle again...

and the glass, too.

Specifically, I'm after bottle caps - beer, wine and liqueurs, for upcycling.  It's surprising what can be done with them.

They make fabulous flowers with the addition of buttons or brads.

Of course, the bottles can be used as well, after removal of the labels,

a thorough scrubbing

and a coat or two of gesso.

In fact, there's hardly any part I don't use.

As long as I have my trusty hammer, some round nosed pliers, tins snips and acrylic medium, my garden blooms all year round.

I don't want you to think, however, that I am totally responsible for emptying all these bottles - the staff at Jimmy's Pub here in town graciously saves them for me, although I have been known to have a glass or two of wine occasionally to assist them.

Let's talk about recycling, upcycling, art reduction and reuse.  How do you turn 'throw-aways' into art?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

I don't talk...

...about design much on this blog, since it is such a HUGE subject, but if I'm working on honing my design skills (and what artist doesn't?), a favourite way to do so is through the use of photography and photo editing.  

Looking at photos through an editor means one can play with shape, colour, size, aspects, portions, and all sorts of other goodies.  I thought I'd share some of my play with you today, and score a colour fix at the same time.

The piece above is a section of a tag-in-process, as are the three below.  I love how they work as mini paintings.

This segment is from a background on a work-in-progress.

A Gelli print segment gives a completely different look when only a section is utilized.

And you know this has to be a favourite.  It's actually a teeny portion of a Gelli print that has been used in so many places I can hardly count them.

This next photo is for +JackieP Neal over on Google+, who was wondering about the heavily textured segment in a previous post.  You'll see the difference between the whole and the part if you take a peek there.

'Starry Night' mixed media mandala on a CD © Win Dinn

Now I'm curious - how do you hone your design skills?  I'd love to know your secrets, so please add to the comments!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Do you know what time it is?

Good grief - it's tax time again, and it feels like I just finished that task.  I loathe doing taxes, but being the frugal sort, I do them myself rather than sending them to an accountant.  Normally, I find myself using the leftover papers for...you guessed it...artwork.

I thought I'd share a few of these results, since they're the only way I can appreciate the forms.

'...and Taxes'  mixed media on mat board © Win Dinn

'Taxing Mother Nature' mixed media on mat board  © Win Dinn

And here's my all time favourite, and much more graphically realistic about my emotions surrounding the whole thing.
'Death by Taxes'  mixed media on mat board  © Win Dinn

I hope your taxes are all done for the year, and you're basking in a job well done (as am I, as of this morning).  High five to you, and please send me photos of your tax artwork!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Here's a thought...

...what if it's a requirement to have a touch of insanity in order to be a mixed media artist?  

I've spent quite some time this morning using a paint brush and silver alcohol ink to cover photo corners to use in my latest signature.

I've made notes to myself about the next step on a group of panels,

I've smeared goop all over a signature-in-process for an art journal.

I've glared at a work-in-process that refuses to gel.

I've added a layer or two to another WIP.

I've put a backing on a black and silver piece that was started on a CD.

And I've fallen in love all over again with carrot tops.

If that doesn't qualify me for insanity, I'm not sure what would.  What's in your creative area today? Are you in the club?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Signature, please?

This past couple of months I've been enjoying The Creative Life, an art journalling play night once a month for a year at Creative Fix that I received as a Christmas gift (thanks Rochelle!). Although I've created many books, this particular course is of interest to me as we'll bind each signature (supposedly we'll create one a month over the year) into a completed book.

I started my February signature right after the class at the end of January.  The class demo was with Dylusions sprays, and I went right to town with them. I put that stuff on everything.

You can tell right off that with Valentine's Day in the month, I'd be using a lot of red.

And what's red without some yellow and orange to go with?  That would be like having a peanut butter and jam sandwich, sans the jam.

 There are surprises everywhere,

and there are so many pockets in the signature I even missed a couple of them when I first started photographing for this essay.

I used photos and alcohol inked wallpaper,

scraps, used paper towels, hole-punched papers and Gelli-prints galore,
I collaged, stenciled, glued and messed about until I was in colour heaven.

The signature pockets are filled with tags and small memo books,

and even with all that, I know there are more layers to come.

The next month's signature is well started, and last night's get together has me starting on a third this morning.  Who has more fun than an artist?!  Nobody, I think.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I'm not normally...

...a person who goes for subtle colour (you may have noticed), so when Alice and Bill were visiting here last week and Alice shared a new toy, I was initially subdued about the possibilities.

The understated stamp pad ink made by this company, while needing extensive ironing to be visible at all, changes the colour of the paper.  Using any stamp in your collection, you can ink up, transfer to coloured paper, wait for it to dry, iron it, and then watch the (admittedly slow) action.

We tested it on cardstock (above), painted papers,

 stock stationery and more.

Ranging from strong to very subtle, the results were interesting, although we were unable to replicate anything like the box photo.  In fact, on black paper, we were unable to have it work at all. Instructions indicate that it works best on dyed paper as opposed to printed or coated papers.

I can see where one would find a use for it, and I admit I'm intrigued by the knowledge that no control is possible and results cannot be predicted.  Have you tried it?  Do you like it?

And of course, with Alice visiting, we had a whirl in the studio...in fact, it was such a whirl that both of us nearly forgot to take any photos.  Alice did have a go at Gelli printing, and got some lovely results.

We played with Inka Gold, stamps, monoprints, Castaway and other goodies until we were near cross-eyed.

As always, it was great pleasure to visit, share our artistic passions and indulge our colour pig addiction.  I hope your art friends join you in play occasionally.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Better late than never...

...today we're taking a walk on the wild side.  This shoe, companion to the one posted earlier in the week, started in the same manner, and then took off in its own direction.

Like its counterpart, it's filled with texture and colour,

 buttons and flowers,

 gems and even a wine bottle cap (how the heck did that get in there?).

Quite capable of standing on its own, it is definitely not wearable, but fun nonetheless.  And judging from the comments on the last post, I think I'll need to work on a version that can dance the night away.

'Wild Side' mixed media altered shoe © Win Dinn
When I see them together, I know I'd love to wear a pair like them if I could just make them flexible enough to manage the strain.

How about you?  Is this your style?  Would you get it on in these?

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