Friday, 31 October 2014

Testing, testing...

...1, 2, 6.

When I create a new stencil (see previous post here), I do a test run to see whether it works, needs altering, or will hit file 13.  And no, I won't tell you how many are in the latter category.

Using Golden Open Acrylics, I do a first print on the Gelli plate, using plain white paper,

 and then pull a ghost print.

 If I've used enough paint, I can pull what I call a 'haunt'.

Then I test it over another Gelli print (this one was a blue/green ghost print created using the Balzer Tiny Circles stencil).

I pulled the ghost print over top of a fern leaf print (first print).

Then I managed to pull a haunt print over top of the first pull at the top of this post, just off register.  I could tell you that was planned, but that would be a bold-faced lie, wouldn't it?!

I tested it underneath a commercial stencil, like this.

This first print will need at least two more layers using other stencils before it starts to look interesting, but I can see some possibilities here.

The ghost print already looks like fun.  I rather like the space on the right caused by the paper I used to mask off part of the stencil.  It could be used for text or the start of a frieze.

This haunt, over top of another haunt print in gold is starting to build some soft pattern.  It will be interesting to see what develops with further layers.

How do you make stencils and masks?  What tools do you use?  How do you test them?  If you send me a link to a blog post or video, you'll go in a draw on November 15/14 to win a monoprint by yours truly...just put your link in a comment below for a chance to win!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I'm in...

...the studio again, and it's chaos as usual.

Three piles of Gelli print fragments are strewn across one of the student tables,

a chair is stacked with paintings in progress,

and a folded book in stage three awaits hours of unfolding, and then curling.

A painting, recently coated with gel medium and then textured with a natural sponge sits drying on the drawing table,

along with stacks of mini canvasses from the Have a Heart series, in varying degrees of progress.

My 8 x 10 Gelli plate is anxious to test run a newly designed house wrap stencil, even though it's not yet completed, 

while a stack of 'Head Shots' wait nearby for some attention.  They want to be made into a booklet right now please.

So much little time.  Isn't the life of an artist the best thing ever?  I certainly refuse to argue that.

Friday, 24 October 2014

It's done...

...but not over.  The Creative Fix  adult Gelli it Up! playshop is finished for this fall, but Brandy is so hooked she'll be teaching it to a younger crowd.

We had a lot of fun last night, between finishing the gilding technique,

Brandy's gilding technique, backed with vibrant orange speckled paper

Karen's gilding technique, using a plain white backing

scraping the paint from the wax crayon technique,

Janet's colour-ful wax crayon resist print
Faye's wax crayon resist
learning the Thick over Thin technique,

Alison's hooked on this technique
 along with some leaf printing.

Not sure who did this one, but it's a beaut!

Students were asked to bring all their prints with them, choose the 'I hate that print' ones to mask and print over top using pearlescent, interference, duochrome and specialty paints. There were some fabulous results.

I think this one is Janet's

Pretty sure Alison did this!
And just to add some serious fun (definitely an oxymoron) into the mix, they used Art Foamies, stamps and more stamps as well.

Aren't these Art Foamie owls just the cutest?

Some organic stamping on here.

The over-script on this one adds yet another layer.

A repeated Art Foamies motif.
Ladies, it's been a blast - thanks for coming out to play.

The next opportunity for creative play is the Mixed Media I - Playtime for Adults, in Cranbrook, BC on November 8 & 9 at the Cranbrook and District Arts Council.  Will you join me there?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Today I'm somewhere else...

You'll find my usual Tuesday post over at Balzer Designs.  Julie was kind enough to host me for a Gelli printing session.  Since I'm an avid fan of Julie and Gelli, I was delighted to join the list of her guests.

I spent a couple of weeks playing with two of her stencils (Tiny Circles & Silhouette Script), resulting in a series of 'Head Shots'.  Half a dozen of them are over on the guest post, which provides a link to the video I did about the process, but I thought I'd share some more for you here.

Those of you who know me well know how much I love gardening (can you hear me snickering?!), so this is certainly appropriate.
I need to admit that perhaps my mind plays a little too much in 'Artist Brain' mode.

'A Jumble in Here'
And what artist doesn't have her head filled with so many ideas that it's hard to keep up with them?

This quote from Sara Genn has amused me for many years - 'Having a favourite colour is like having a favourite lung.'

'A Favourite Lung'
Ultramarine blue has so much 'Pow!' factor, doesn't it?

Please do pop over to Julie's blog (check out all her posts), and enjoy!

Friday, 17 October 2014

A Change of Pace

With next week's guest post done and dusted (you'll find a link on my upcoming Tuesday post), it was time to play for a while in the studio.

I grabbed my Gelli plate and nine small canvasses, covering them with some interesting background texture.  Then the fun began, with a heart mania, scissors, a stack of Gelli printed paper fragments, ribbons, Andrea Revoy's ceramic buttons and more.

'I'm So Grapeful for You'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn
'Lemon-lime Love'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn
'I See You Through Rose-Coloured Love'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn

'Enviro-Love'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn
'Love is Tactile'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn

'You Hold the Key''  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn

''You're My Star'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn
'Love Those Baby Blues''  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn

'You're my Red-Hot Heart'  4 x 4 mixed media on canvas © Win Dinn
And while I've got my 'Have a Heart Series' well in hand, it doesn't mean that I neglected playtime with my students.  Last night's Gelli it Up! was a blast, with text stamps created (how could this one be more appropriate?),

Keiryn's love-ly stamp
and a check-out of the completed jean templates from last week.

Linda added some lovely bits to her template

The resulting print was gorgeous
We got a start on the wax crayon resist technique

and once the over-painted acrylic has been scraped off , they'll be stellar. The over-painting when it was supposed to be a Gelli printed top layer was a brain bleep by the teacher - nobody messes up as much as she does.

It was, as it has been for the past weeks, a frenzy of printing, playing and glorious colour!

Here's to a colourful day for you all!
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