Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I just can't get enough...

... of texture these days.  I'm adding stuff to mediums like stuff will disappear, never to return.  Then I glop (note the technical term there) it on so thickly that it could be eaten with a spoon, were one so inclined.

Recently, I added to this wine glass and bottle to jazz it up a bit, since I found the original rather blah. 

 I'm loving the changes that additional colour and texture bring.

When I feel like I'd like to lick the results,

I know that I'm well on my way

to having it just right.

Each part of this pair just calls to me,

and I know I'll enjoy them for a long time to come.

In my eyes it's a great improvement over the original finish,

How about you?  What's calling to you in your creative life these days?  Colour, texture, hidden meaning, push/pull?  I love how we get hooked on things and can't let go until we're 'done'. Picasso in his blue period had nothing on mixed media artists!

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