Thursday 24 February 2022

It's sure ugly in here...

 ...and this time (not always 🤣), it's intentional.

This journal page in my largest journal evolved as I was dealing with the frustration of ongoing plague pandemic restrictions.

The pile of window envelopes was growing apace, hiding the lovely yellow/orange file cabinet top.  It was time to make use of them.  

The layering of envelopes left some intriguing spaces showing from the background, and it reminded me of how so much of our lives has been covered and unavailable in the past two years, with just bits and pieces peeking through.

Here in western Canada it feels as though the sunlight may start showing through.  I hope it's the same for you.

Elsewhere in the creative life, the dryer sheet curtains are coming along, and I'm now anticipating the addition of colours other than blue or green.  That's going to be a great change.

The papers for the second star book are painted and chopped, the beads for the back end are chosen, and assembly can commence.  Enter the band, 'cause the parade's about to start.

I was dumbfounded to find the perfect book I needed in the local library.  I can use both the cover 

and the inside of the written-completely-in-Chinese text (and the illustrations) for the embellishments I need.  Of course, now I want to know what it all means!

I hope your week has been as fruitful (although not necessarily as ugly) as has mine.  May there be sunlight streaming through your windows and restrictions lifting safely left, right and centre.  

Thursday 17 February 2022

Well, it's definitely the month for hearts...

 ...and I celebrated Valentine's Day Month-so-far by working mostly in the heart journal.

These pages are all in the beginning stage, and will await some additional embellishment (maybe until all the pages have the base concept - AKA months).  😉

One of my work tables is covered in them, and this is after the ongoing journal raid and Valentine-making session.

Of course that's not all - a friend (thanks Allie) let me know about a YouTube video regarding Neurographic Art, and had some fun with that for a change of pace.  I can see it's another way of getting hooked on art and has a wonderful subconscious component as well.

That's my fun for the week - how about you?  I look forward to hearing and seeing what you're up to these days!  

Thursday 10 February 2022

Back in the groove...

 ...sure feels like a good thing.  I finished a slipcover for the star book,

and it fits as though they were made for each other.  😉

The papers are well in progress for the second star book,

and I've even gotten back to embroidering dryer sheets, and there's a phrase that I bet not too many people have used.

Once finished, slip stitches removed, they will (finally) grace the ensuite bathroom as curtains.  I'd hate to tell you how many months ago that project got started.

The great thing about being in the creative doldrums is that when one gets out of them it's akin to taking flight.  Here's to the sea change!  I hope that your creative week has been just as exciting.  

Thursday 3 February 2022

It's been a week...

 ...of book-making-related projects, as I finished my first star book by adding all of the inserts and enhancing the bases of the pockets.  While I've not yet made the slipcase for it, that's likely to happen this week.

I did manage to make a couple of slipcases this week, finishing the piano hinge case

and creating the case for the Japanese Stab Binding book that started this whole craze.  It needs some embellishment on the front of the case, yet to be determined, but the form is done.  

I'm pretty sure that if I do another thirty or forty cases, I'll have my head wrapped around the relationship between all three dimensions.  😂 

How'd your week gone?  Catch me up in the comments, my artistic friends!!

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