Thursday, 25 February 2021

When I'm in the Project Doldrums...

... my normal go-to is gel printing.  However, after finishing the Stab-Me Binding from the last post, I've spent the week taking photos of my work and honing my design sense.  I've always really liked abstract art, but doing it is a great deal more difficult than it looks, and part of my issue is design.

So I've taken photographs of part of my artwork, cropped and corrected them for colour and light, and then done the same again.  

It's interesting that nearly every segment could be cropped more than once to create something that is pleasing to the eye.

The cropping can make a tremendous difference to the orientation of the piece as well.

And each segment of a piece can be a work of art on its own.

Really, apart from the issues of pixilation, the possibilities are endless.

Here's my question for you this week - what do you do (and how) to hone your own sense of design?  It's a life-long study for me, and I'm hoping you can help!  

Thursday, 18 February 2021

A learning curve...

 ... is always very steep for me when it comes to spatial relationships, and the Japanese stab-binding book @joerotella showed us in #creativejumpstart21 was a huge one.  I've been working on it off and on for what seems like a year (exclusive of studio light reno time), and finally finished it.

The book holds about twenty-five pages of gel prints that are jam-packed with colour.  In fact, I think the book should be called 'A Wee Bit of Colour', don't you?

I'd reached a point where the covers needed to be made, and you can just see the near-ready back one in the bottom right of this photo.

Handy-dandy Mr. Dinn did his usual masterful job of drilling the holes when it was all put together.

The stitching had me bamboozled for a while, but after three seventeen run-throughs of the video and printed instructions, I managed to wrap my head around it.  I think it looks great!

And it's a perfect way to showcase some of my not-so-subtle prints.

I'm delighted it's finished, and surely if I did it once, I could do it again, right?  I've got a project or two in mind for the grandchildren.  😉😍

Thursday, 11 February 2021


 It's THAT close to Valentine's Day?  Then I'll need to show you one of my favourite pages in the black and white journal I'm still continually working on.  Only umpteen more pages to go!

And since I'm in there anyway, I'll show you some of the other pages that have been appearing recently:

I can tell I'm making progress in this journal because I now have to hold it open with my fingers to take photos - that's a big yay from me!

I've not been in the studio much this past week as it's in a bit of disarray after the electricians were in to install some new lighting.  I'm so excited about moving back in there once the painting of the metal conduit is done.  I can actually see what's going on!  How cool is that?!!!  I LOVE it!!!

Wishing you a delightfully happy Valentine's Day, wherever you are, whomever you're with, and whatever you're doing.  Knowing that love is inevitable makes all of this pandemic stress seem easier, doesn't it?!  And, please eat some decadent chocolate for's way past time for a strict diet in this body!  😄

Thursday, 4 February 2021

It's been another week...

 ...of playing in the studio.  I've done a meditative mark-making project from #creativejumpstart21, inspired by @AndreaChebeleu and turned it into a small book utilizing a suggestion from another student to bind it.

I've finished two more mini books from another lesson, with three more to go:

The black and white journal has a couple of new spreads,

progress is being made in the stabbing department (although I am still flummoxed by the choice involved in choosing the covers), 

and I delighted in a very quick and not-at-all-dirty tutorial by @SethApter.  This storyboard project (photographed on my oh-so-subtle file cabinet) took less than ten minutes, and I can see a great range of applications for playing with it.  It cracked me up that he stapled his storyboard labels to his backing, and that one can actually purchase colored staples.  Did you know that?  It opens up a whole new world of possibility, doesn't it?  😄😎😄

I just love being in the studio and trying new things.  I can see there will be a host of new classes in my pocket (and $$ flying out of it) if this Covid-thing lasts much longer.

Thursday, 28 January 2021

Juggling is not a skill...

...that I normally lay claim to, but I rather feel like I'm doing pretty well at it.  Agreed, it's not the physical balls in the air, but the metaphorical ones.

I've been so enjoying #creativejumpstart21 and with all the experimenting I'm doing, I'm waaaaaay behind.  Luckily, I have until November to download all the videos and play to my heart's content.  

I've done at least seven versions of Birgit Koopsen's technique, and it's been a blast.  While most have already been cut into smaller bits for cards, I've saved these two, knowing they'll eventually be part of a larger project.  

Last week I showed you the start of half a dozen mini notebooks, one of which I finished this week.  It, along with the other five, will go out in the mail when they're all done.

I love the physical size of these particular books (4 1/4" x 2 1/4"), the fact that they're made from a single sheet of paper, and the four-page spread.  It's something that's easily completed in a relatively short while, always a bonus in my opinion;  I do tend to be attention-challenged. 😵 Thanks again, Amanda Trought!

I've got another project well on the go, thanks to Joe Rotella.  I've a host of 'books in the making' that have been languishing like proverbial silent screen heroines due to my lack of knowledge of book-binding.  Well languish no longer ladies; there's one in the works.

Doesn't that look pro?  It would be a cheat if I didn't tell you that John, husband-of-the-tool-proficient-kind, actually did the drilling for the holes in this Japanese stab-binding method.  (I SO like that phrase, and think that has something to do with all the murder mysteries I read).    I could definitely not have managed a hand-held drill through 1/4" of wood and 1/4" of paper without adding copious quantities of blood and creating crazily angled holes.  I did, however, manage to order some waxed thread online, all on my own, so I wait with bated breath to finish the project.  Meanwhile, I'll work on assembling the cover.

There are several other tutorials lined up, impatiently tapping their feet, and with small and large art journals on the go, lots to keep me occupied.  I'm hoping John doesn't want to eat for the next two or three months...

In closing and just for fun, I thought you might like to see a bit of accidental art.  It's amazing what kind of shenanigans blobs of Posca pen inks can get up to when one's back is turned.

I'd love to hear what you've been up to in the past week.  And if you're finding yourself feeling creatively flat, I'd encourage you to check out Creative Jumpstart.  It's going to keep me out of trouble busy for the next good long while.
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