Thursday 23 May 2024

A wild and wacky...

 ...week means there was little progress in the studio.  Still working on the collages for the signatures, I was amused to find that this week I've been working in the same two colours on each of the tables.

The purple and magenta theme is carried from signatures through to a unicorn.

Bit by bit, I suspect there will be a host of colours

show up in these,

given how well they play with so many hues.

I'm hoping there will be more progress next week, as I hope that you've had a much more productive studio week than what happened here.  In the meantime, wishing you extraordinary creative joy!!

Thursday 16 May 2024

It's 6/10...

 ...signatures with the initial layer done, and I'm liking the process more and more.

I know there is a great deal more to do on each page,

but I'm loving these little collages.

As always when working on a long project,

concepts change,
and the muse takes over.

It's going to be really interesting

to see where this all goes.

I hope you're enjoying your week as much as I've been doing.  I'll pop over and say 'hi' once this hits the interweb.  😜

Thursday 9 May 2024

It's so green. . .

. . . in the valley right now it's little wonder my tables were covered in it this past week.

Working in the inspiration book in these tones was great fun especially as it's not a range I use that often.

Even John got into the act as he chopped chives until even his brain felt green.

And how could I resist pouring the next colour, turquoise, from its scrap bag?  I'm itching to get started on this!

And no, I'm not skipping ahead in the book on this colour combination.  I've actually started on the birthday painting for granddaughter Chloe, who turns four in June.  

I'll leave you guessing what this painting will entail.  😁

In the meantime, happy, wildly, giddy creative week to you.  Do catch me up in your comments as I head over to check things out!!   

Thursday 2 May 2024

And the beat goes on...

as I juggle half a dozen  dozens of projects at once.  I used to think that was SO wrong, but over the years I've learned it (sort of) works for me.

I've added the orange signatures to the inspiration project,

as well as the yellow ones.

All of them will need some more embellishment, but I just couldn't wait to get started on the greens.

The concern, of course, is that this small book (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") is already looking very full, 

and I'm wondering how in heaven's name that belly band will corral it all.  I'm banking on several miracles before I'm finished with this project!  

And what have you been up to this week?  I'm excited to see what's going on in your creative world.

Thursday 25 April 2024

Snippets of time...

...and small projects are so my friends right now, as I juggle waaaay too many things.  I did manage to finish some tasks this week, though, and that's a happy set of occurances.

The small ( 7 1/2" x 5 1/2") collage above is complete, I believe, and the one below is well on its way.

I finally finished the 20" x 16" canvas, titled Snakes & Ladders, and the texture in so many areas  makes me delirious to the point where my mouth waters.

You'll perhaps have seen this book before. I've been mulling it over for ages, knowing it needed further work on the interior which finally happened this week. I added a soft turquoise star-spangled sheet and a star-related quote to each of the seven leaves, and it now has the feeling of a finished work. 

Another of my hand-crafted books has been on the shelf awaiting inspiration, and that was the word that kick-started the interior contents.

I've started the process of adding colour and pattern to each of the 80 pages inside.  (What was I thinking to add ten signatures of 8 sheets each???!!!)

And I've only got eight more signatures (64 designs) to go for this stage.

When I get all the colour and pattern in there, I'll add a word to each page, to complete the three things that really inspire me in my creative life.  

 No doubt you're waiting with bated breath for the completion of this project.  🤣  But me?? - I'm waiting to hear what you've been up to this week, so I'll head over to your blogs to catch up with you, because you're the fourth inspiration!  Happy week to you...

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