Thursday, 21 October 2021

The Gordian Knot. . .

. . . that is my brain will surely explode with this latest book puzzle.  The star book is truly a lovely artist book form, and I've been wanting to try it for a long time.  My grey matter, however, may not be up to the task again any time soon.

This is the second model I've made, and I managed to reduce my errors to one major and two minor ones, all ultimately hide-able.  It's a huge improvement from my first go, believe me!

Though the pockets are not yet filled, the bones are there, and I can move forward to a 'final final' when the mood hits again.

With a pair of covers, four precision-cut layers, and the first two requiring sewing, it's quite an undertaking.

Never has my pile of several-pounds-heavy art books had so much use for pressing those glued layers together, either.

By the time the beading, stitching, gluing and covers were all done, it was fully a three day project (not including the time it took to rewrite the indecipherable instructions used for the first attempt).  

I'll have to make several more of these to justify the time I spent on the first couple of them.  Won't that be a creative hardship!! 😄  The art book saga will undoubtedly continue for a long, long, time.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

According to Merriam-Webster . . .

hodgepodge is a jumble, and that word certainly fits the week prior to Thanksgiving 2021.  From painting to book-making to baking and more, it was a celebration of creativity.

I managed to get a painting done for my oldest grandson in celebration of his upcoming fourth birthday.  Autistic, he is fascinated by patterns and organization; since that fits my creative bent this painting was conceived and executed.

I'm pretty sure he's going to enjoy the patterning, but have my doubts about the screaming stab-your-eyes-out colour.  

Truly, though, I just could not stop myself; I'm almost hoping he'll hate it so it will come back to Grandma.  😆

I also grappled with a double accordion book, which would have been better served had I done two or three prototypes instead of the mini one I showed you a couple of weeks ago.  A miscount of the pages had me scrambling to redesign the book in mid production, so it's now a prototype for yet another one to tackle.  

The book is designed to read in the round, and I added an additional fillip so it could be read from the up and down direction as well.

I'll enjoy tackling this particular design again, I know!

Meanwhile, John is moving into a corner of the studio, and has been sanding my easel to use for a paper tole project he has in mind.  We were mesmerized by the contrast in the sanded versus unsanded areas.  Apparently I am a very messy painter.  😉

In my defense, that's some thirty five years of accumulation on there.  Really, it's much less than it should be, right?!

All of this topped off by a visit from family - all three grandchildren in the same living room, playing to their hearts' content, while the adults visited, cooked and stuffed faces.  What could be better?  We were grateful indeed. May your Thanksgiving weekend (if you were celebrating) have been as filled with joy and love.  

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Books, booklets, mini books...

...are so much fun to create and this one was a gift for a very special person and occasion.  Allie has been a friend for so long I'm wondering how it's possible that some 35+ years can go by that quickly.  She's celebrating her 80th birthday on October 11 this year and shhhhhhhhh - don't tell anybody but she opened her gift from me a tad early.

I did manage to take some photos before assembly - a rarity when it comes to my art-addled brain.

Allie kindly took a photo of the booket in situ, including the case (which I neglected to photograph).  And don't you love people who gift bottles of wine for birthdays?  I certainly do!  😄

It was so much fun to pillage her Facebook photos for portraits to illustrate her powerful attributes, and even more so to reflect upon the loving friendship that has spanned decades.

As always, Allie, thank you for the friendship over the years; you are one of my rocks.  xo 

Thursday, 30 September 2021

It's all madness in the studio.

 I've gone waaaaaaay overboard on multi-tasking, with colour everywhere.  The painted-Typar-in progress is gaining ground,

there is a new book in the works that tested my spatially-challenged brain so much that I had to make a mini mockup,

and there are Christmas card toppers in progress.

Truth be told, I chose this wonky tree design for my cards this year for two reasons.   2021 has been the wonky year personified, don't you think?   Also, I have such a huge pile of paper snippets, and SOMETHING MUST BE DONE about them.  The exploding can of papers is way out of control.

My loosely-calculated estimate means that I'd have to create some 3,587,366,218 Christmas cards to bring it down to manageable size.  Cut/paste/darken edges/glue/add sprarkle and text,  and repeat until my hands are withered, my eyes are rolling around in my head and my brain has turned to mush.  Is it any wonder I'm starting in September?

We celebrated our youngest grandchild's birthday this past Saturday, and I thought I'd share one of his prezzies with you.

'Owen's Big Dream'  2021 
mixed media on wood panel  © Win Dinn

I do hope your week has been creative as well - stay safe and play thoroughly in  and out of the studio until next week!  

Thursday, 23 September 2021

We're mid-fall...

 ...and the summer (AKA fire season) is just a memory.  It's been an interesting one, what with near-endless smoke, amazing levels of heat and the vicissitudes of the pandemic.  Perhaps that was why my sporadic sessions with blind artist Ruth Bieber had us working on sunscapes for her last two paintings.  While I don't have the OK to show you the completed works, I thought I'd share snippets of the sunny colours we recreated this year.

And I'm making every attempt to capture the last rays of sun before the onset of winter.  Often we need go no further than the front patio to see some beautiful rays.

I hope that you, too, are enjoying some fabulous fall sun and colour (or spring, if you're in the southern hemisphere).  May your week be bright with both!
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