Thursday, 21 March 2019

Wowza - that was fun....

On Saturday I joined Esme Gloster for her presentation of Metal Embossing, and it was a blast.  Was it because I couldn't tell the backside from the frontside, or the new techniques I learned, or the general playfulness of all those peeps?  Whatever it was, I'm looking forward to more.

Esme walked us through three processes to create (L to R) a debossed piece, an embossed piece and a high relief one.  These are each about 3 1/4" square.

My hours of tangled drawing came in handy for the debossed piece...I could do this kind of patterning for days.

The embossed leaf was fun to do; I purposely left it relatively simple in texture since I liked Esme's leaf design so much.
I love the high relief heart, and would definitely like to do more of this...filling the relief portion with wax is key to being able to mark-make on the top of the heart.

Of course my creativity time didn't stop there - I'm also working on a dryer sheet dress for the upcoming Trashion show, so my studio is draped in colour.

As I'm still at the tack-it-together-with-running-stitches stage, it's less than elegant, but I can see there is hope that I can complete it in the next six weeks.  

My original intent was to make it a full length gown, but a try-on by a recent visitor made me realise I'd a long way to go!

Quite possibly it will be a 1950's house-dress style rather than a ball gown.  ☺️

And somewhere in the studio there are more completed journal pages and a gel print to two (well, maybe 20), so I'm feeling like my week has been wildly (in the best sense of the word) creative.  How about yours?

Thursday, 14 March 2019

What did you do...

...on the weekend while we were rockin' the Creston Seniors' Centre?  I hope you had as much fun as we did, because we certainly had a blast. This was one enthusiastic group of ladies, and they were ready to get it on!

Some of them brought their own rocks,

they all brought their own enthusiasm for the project,

and the executions were varied to the max. 

Not only was the location a great one,

 the results were awesome.

Everywhere one looked there was colour to the max.

 Laughter was rife,

 and so was production.

 Check out the eyes on this baby!

 From flowers

to colour mass

I'm now firmly convinced that

Are you on your way out to find some stones to paint?  I sure hope so, because it's major fun.   If you want to join the newly-created group here in Creston, be sure to hit the Seniors' Centre on April 13, 2019.  For a $5 drop-in fee, you can rock paint from 10-noon.  Rocks, paints, brushes and inspiring photos are all provided.  Call Marg for additional information at 250-402-6639.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

I suppose...

that even tags can have a bad hair day, and this one certainly looks as though that's true.

I've been on a binge this week with tag-making, mostly because I've found my tag stash to be rather short for some reason.  I've created so many this week that I've gone a little silly!

I think I'll just let you scroll down and have a peek without verbal interference!

I love tag-making for the fun and versatility, and it's always a great idea to have some hanging around for gifts. 

What have you gotten up to this week?  I'd love to hear your stories! 

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Journal sanity... a big thing in my world, and I am most appreciative of my husband, John, who is always so good about aiding and abetting me in this passion.  He carefully removes labels from wine bottles, saves any interesting looking caps he finds, picks up oddments when he's out and about, and generally is an oh-so-good man.  This spread is for him.

I turn to journals when the muse is absent (more wine labels here, I see ;0),

 when I'm using paper scraps and cards,

 when I'm stamping off during a project,

 and when I've just gone crazy with pattern and can't seem to stop.

The funny thing is I've been working in this particular journal for the last eighteen months, and I'm amazed to find, after carefully counting, that there are still SEVENTY spreads left to complete.  How can that be possible?  Quantum physics tells us there is a field out there of multiple choices and worlds, and I suspect that somehow there are pages migrating into this journal from those other possibilities.  If that's the case, will I have a completed journal (assuming it ever gets finished?!) of thousands of spreads?  That possibility is daunting - like Sisyphus, am I doomed to a lifetime of journalling?  How sad (☺️☺️☺️ ), if so.  

Just a reminder that there is an upcoming rock painting class  on March 9, and I understand there may be a spot left in it.  If you're in town that day, it's the place to be!

Do let me know what you're up to in your artistic life in the comments below - I love hearing about the happenings in your week! 

Friday, 22 February 2019

Creston Rocks...

and here's why!

The Creston Valley Seniors Association is hosting a rock-painting class on March 9, 2019,  from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m., and you're invited (as long as you're over 21).  And since I'm going to be facilitating it, you know we'll have a blast.

Clean rocks, paints, brushes and whatever else catches my eye from the studio will be provided.  To register, please contact Marg Popovich at 250-402-6639.  Preregistration is required.

Although I've been away this week, I've managed to squeeze in some samples just for fun.  Because some of these painting 'newbies' will not have used a brush before, I've kept the designs simple for their first go 'round.  I expect they'll get hooked and be perusing Pinterest for greater and grander ideas when next they meet!

Don't know how this got in there - that doesn't look like paint at all.  Trust a mixed media artist to go astray. 

Hope you've had a great week and are in the throes of creativity, too!  Catch me up on your doings in the comments below, my friends!

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