Sunday, 8 March 2015

Better late than never... we're taking a walk on the wild side.  This shoe, companion to the one posted earlier in the week, started in the same manner, and then took off in its own direction.

Like its counterpart, it's filled with texture and colour,

 buttons and flowers,

 gems and even a wine bottle cap (how the heck did that get in there?).

Quite capable of standing on its own, it is definitely not wearable, but fun nonetheless.  And judging from the comments on the last post, I think I'll need to work on a version that can dance the night away.

'Wild Side' mixed media altered shoe © Win Dinn
When I see them together, I know I'd love to wear a pair like them if I could just make them flexible enough to manage the strain.

How about you?  Is this your style?  Would you get it on in these?

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