Friday, 27 February 2015

No doubt...'re beginning to wonder whether I actually ever finish things in the studio, and some days I wonder the same thing.  I'm glad to report, however, that I can actually show you a finished piece.

'My Cup Runneth Over' altered wine glass © Win Dinn
I have two friends who, within the last couple of months, have acquired new homes in town. I'd hoped to get both house-warming gifts ready before the one couple left for their winter home in the US, but couldn't manage it.  This one, however, is a little more timely and was delivered today.

I think it's particularly appropriate that the coins in the cup were donated to my mixed media cause by the gentleman side of this couple, and they're getting a small percentage of the world-ranging treasure back in this form.

I'm loving the tactility of this piece so much that I have a yen (pun intended) to do it all over again.

Luckily, with a stash of coins and a surplus of metallic alcohol inks, that is actually possible.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether it will materialize or not!

And just a reminder, I do have a Gelli printing workshop this next weekend here in Creston. Are you coming to play?

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Well, that was fun!

A rare combination of circumstances had me teaching in my home studio this past weekend, something I've not done in some years.

Gwen digs right in with drywall compound

I noted in my last post how the studio had to be cleaned, sorted and revamped for the event, or we wouldn't have had the room to spread out our play.

Even at that, the floor, along with every available surface, got utilized as a drying rack for the 20 or so techniques we enjoyed.

Both student tables, along with my own drawing board, were overflowing.

Soon the colour on the tables matched the wild walls.  The Art Foamies got a great workout on day two,
Verona goes wild with colour
and Opal the Studio Cat kept us busy as 'Relocation Experts'.  We vainly moved her, again and again, to keep her out of wet paint and mediums.  Her previous attempts at mixed media caused me no end of trouble, and that wasn't anything I wanted to share with students!

I very much enjoyed the change of pace with this size of class - it gave us time to get to know each other well, and more time for one-on-one assistance with questions and projects.

On another note, if you're living near Creston, BC, why not pop into the Chamber of Commerce before day end on Thursday?  The current show there includes some truly interesting work, and it ends at 9 am Friday.

As well, I'm letting you know now that there is a Gelli it Up! playshop coming to Creative Fix in less than two weeks.  Are you in?  Are you registered?  Are you ready for the maximum amount of monoprint fun?  Come and play!

Friday, 20 February 2015

I can see...

...the tables in the studio.  It hasn't been this clean in days months years.

The back deck is astounded at the sight, and the cherry trees in the orchard next door are so agog they can't quit peeking in the windows.

I wonder why on might want to stay tuned to find out.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A recent post...

...garnered questions and comments about using alcohol inks as backgrounds for tags.

I've done a quick video tutorial and hope that it will demonstrate how easily this is accomplished.  The key to this technique is using glossy card stock (or you can coat any card stock with gloss medium to give the same effect - merely coat thoroughly and wait until it's perfectly dry before using).

The video is here:

With any luck, you'll become as addicted to the technique as I am, and keep me company in my obsession.  Happy inking! 

Friday, 13 February 2015

It's nearly Valentine's Day...

...and I'm off playing on a friend's blog today.  Jennifer is from Buffalo, Minnesota, and I love how the net made it possible for us to connect and collaborate.  You'll find today's post here, and I'll just give you a tiny hint:

It's organic, it's curly, it's colourful and hardly sounds like me at all, right?  Why not pop over to visit Blog With Art?  Jennifer gives everyone permission to play, and you'll find a link to a video of this project, all in support of 'National I Love to Read' month in the US.  Whoops - too many hints.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Coming up hearts...

...and roses, too, if you're a traditionalist Valentine's aficionado.

If you're in the Creston, BC area, why not gift your Valentine with one or the other?  My home studio  (2315 Erickson St., Creston, BC  250-428-2115) is sporting a Valentine-themed wall, with Gelli-printed hearts on a 4 x 4 canvas (you can see the whole series here),

From Have a the Heart Series II - 4 x 4 "  $25.00 each

a deep red rose canvas,

'For You' mixed media on gallery wrap canvas 6" x 6" © Win Dinn  $60.00 Cdn. 

and Valentine tags to add to your gift ($4.95 each).


There are more themed items at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce, too - why not pop by and take a peek at the art show and sale there?

And if you're not totally overwhelmed with the month of love, watch for my special post on Valentine's Day for more lovin' in a completely different format.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Another binge session...

...this week has me making backgrounds for tags.  I've got them stamped and Inktensed, along with alcohol inks galore.

 They're stencilled,
 and canvassed,

 and in every possible shade from hot
 to cool.

 Some are relatively muted (well, for me, anyway),

and some fairly scream with colour.

I can hardly wait to see what the muse will do with them.

What's floating your colour boat this week?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I'm really going to make it...

this time.  WOYWW #296 is actually the first time for me, and given that it's based in Britain (seven, possibly a gazillion hours ahead of Creston, BC, Canada), that's darn near a miracle.

Here's What's On my Workdesk for Wednesday, February 4, 2015.

Stage two of a CJS 2015 project, with stages 3, 4, 5 and possibly six to come, along with a gessoed CD at bottom (one of 7 in progress)

Gessoed and painted dryer sheets (bottom left and left) on which I plan to print photos, a wine glass stuffed with fabric, and a book page to use as a collage layer.

Some 21 paintings in progress 

A pair of dancing shoes?

Three of the seven journals in progress

Some hearts - I've heard that Valentine's Day is imminent

A broader view.

I look forward to checking out the other WOYWW posts here.  How about you?
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