Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Here's a thought...

...what if it's a requirement to have a touch of insanity in order to be a mixed media artist?  

I've spent quite some time this morning using a paint brush and silver alcohol ink to cover photo corners to use in my latest signature.

I've made notes to myself about the next step on a group of panels,

I've smeared goop all over a signature-in-process for an art journal.

I've glared at a work-in-process that refuses to gel.

I've added a layer or two to another WIP.

I've put a backing on a black and silver piece that was started on a CD.

And I've fallen in love all over again with carrot tops.

If that doesn't qualify me for insanity, I'm not sure what would.  What's in your creative area today? Are you in the club?

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