Thursday 7 July 2016

Summer's the time...

...for friends, fruit, feasting and frivolity.  This week had all of that and more.  A friend, Louise Olinger, came to play in the studio for four days, and we had a blast.

Our studio time was excellent as we worked on paintings in progress,  new ideas and general craziness.

Time on the deck in the hot sunshine was at least that entertaining as cherries arrived on the scene.

Louise takes her passion for colour to an amazing extent.  Not only did she manage to colour coordinate her dress with the house, but she dyed her hands to match as well.

 John, of course, wanted to get in on the colour act, so he quickly improvised a chapeau.

While all this was going on, the dogs (JoJo left and Daisy right) kept guard on the exit to the garden. They're perfectly aware they're meant to stay on the deck if they're off leash, and occasionally provide their own gate to comply.

And just to ensure that the summer colour hit every aspect of our day, the food was ample insurance.

I neglected to get Louise' permission to post her work before she left, but I can certainly show you some of my stencil play (all over really unhappy Gelli prints).  

 They're much improved now, and will make great backgrounds for ATCs or tags.

I love working with acrylics - nothing is ever beyond rescue!

I hope your summer is at least as much fun, and as colourful.  Happy playing, all!

Edited to add some of Louise' work:

Fabulous, right?

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