Thursday 30 June 2022

Distractibility in the studio...

 ...knows no bounds, and the road to hell is paved and smooth.

I fully intended to finish off the small cyanotype case this week, insert the book I made it for, and call it done.  However, I was less than enamored with the quality of the paper in the little notebook, and changed my other mind.  That means, of course, that I've started on yet another book to fit the case, and have two pieces on the go now.

Surely I could have finished at least one of them, right?  But while looking for something in one of the drawers, I found some ink that I'd not yet tried.

This ink has gold flakes in it, and depending on the paper, leaves a hint of gold as it travels.  How could I resist?  A recent exploration with alcohol inks reminded me that I'd purchased some Yupo paper, and that seemed the perfect thing to try this on.  I scribbled, splashed and dropped the ink onto the Yupo, and really enjoyed the results, especially when I spritzed some 99% alcohol into the mix.

Whether wet or dry, these are some pretty interesting results, I'd say.

Of course, you know I'm always looking for good colour combinations, and I saw this basket at Black Salt Café in Crawford Bay this past week.  It had me drooling even before the fabulous lunch arrived.  If you're up in that area, I'd highly recommend both the food and the ambiance!

Here's to summer in our area - we're delighting the in the warm weather and heavenly floral displays! 

Thursday 23 June 2022

Putting the cart...

..before the horse is a talent of mine, I'd say.

I wanted to test a fabric cover for a book case, but given that I'd no book completed, I just went ahead and started the process anyway.  I spray glued (Super 77 by 3M) a cyanotype print to a piece of 140 lb. watercolour paper.

Given that the paper was boring white, I definitely needed to buck that up a bit, so I ghost-printed it in a coordinating colour

and tore into it.  In the meantime, I'd found a gifted stab-bound book in my stash, so I actually had a size to work to.  Seems like the creativity gods were working my favour.

Still in process, I've already discovered something new - the fabric, although well-secured, had unraveled a bit at the cut edges.  Running a bead of acrylic liquid gel medium over the edges fixed that issue.  More to come on this project at the finished stage.

And I was lucky to have a friend visit in the studio this week.  Eileen Gidman wanted to learn the basics of creating a journal slipcase, and we had a terrific time.  Look at what she accomplished in a couple of hours, even with all the chatting we did to catch up on our lives!

Eileen, being in recycle mode, used an old watercolour painting to create her cover, and it's truly gorgeous!

Both front and back are stunning, and her plein air and botanical drawings are surely going to benefit from such a wonderful slip case for her journal.

I'll leave you today with a bit of colour from the front patio.  The peonies were gifted from Laura Leeder's garden.  Stunning, no?

And I can't get enough of these beauties in the hanging's hard to know whether the colour or texture pleases me more.  

As we move into summer, my walks are stop and go as I push my nose into every rose bush (wild, heritage and cultivated) around the area.  I'm so grateful we live where we do - supremely fortunate are we!

Thursday 16 June 2022

How is cake connected to cinnamon, spinning and Lego?

In my world this past week, there's a clear correlation.  Granddaughter Chloe celebrated her second birthday on Saturday in the Okanagan, so there was cake galore.

Our visit to the new locale seemed to have elicited a visit from a cinnamon bear.  From the looks of him/her (we didn't get close enough to check), some post-hibernation sprucing up should have been in the cards.  A curry-comb and hairdresser were definitely required.

As for spinning, grandson Linkin and his dad had a blast at his sister Chloe's party, as did all the other children shouting and screaming at a decibel level to rival lift-off at Cape Canaveral.

We stopped for a quick visit on the way home with another grandson, Owen, as he and his family were unable to attend Chloe's party.  And actually, we visited with his parents as well.  🤣

His current fascination with Lego is boundless, as he arranged them by colour, then by number of bumps, and then by who knows what?!  

As we were away for four days (and recovering for two afterwards 😉), there was little activity in the studio, apart from some card backgrounds created,

and a start on a couple of mini books because I found two neat little boxes in my stash and retro-fitting seemed like a great idea.

I'm looking forward to getting these finished this week, as well as starting on a larger book form.  And who knows what will really happen to those best-laid plans?  

Thursday 9 June 2022

That week went quickly...

 ...and I'm wondering what I accomplished in the studio.  Maybe it was not so much!

I used some experimentation with paints to spruce up a journal page

and turned some other colour exploration into tags.

I sprayed the alcohol ink pieces with workable fixative so further play could ensue, and now I'm chomping at the bit to get at them with something more.

I made some birthday cards (sorry no photos) and enjoyed the beauty of the irises in John's garden area.

I took some time to enjoy the photos of our visit last week with Meg and Paul, knowing they'll be able to return a lot sooner than in three years' time, and isn't that a gift!

It's most certainly a wonderfully creative life in this little town - may you be able to say the same about yours!

Thursday 2 June 2022

Does colour make your mouth water?

If that's the case, then you'll love the intensity of alcohol ink play.

For the first time since 2018, our friends Meg and Paul were visiting from Canmore.  We've played a lot of times together in Creston, and this time was no exception.

Would you look at all those alcohol inks?

Before too long, the lawn was covered in colour.

We played on stone (mineral) paper and vellum, but we both realized that we were hooked on the Yupo paper play (above).

We had way more fun than the Play Police actually allowed, so now we're both in jail awaiting trial for 'Overdosing Seniors with Saturated Colour'.  Will we be released?  Check in next week for additional details; meanwhile, please send funds for bail $$.  xo

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