Tuesday, 10 March 2015

I'm not normally...

...a person who goes for subtle colour (you may have noticed), so when Alice and Bill were visiting here last week and Alice shared a new toy, I was initially subdued about the possibilities.

The understated stamp pad ink made by this company, while needing extensive ironing to be visible at all, changes the colour of the paper.  Using any stamp in your collection, you can ink up, transfer to coloured paper, wait for it to dry, iron it, and then watch the (admittedly slow) action.

We tested it on cardstock (above), painted papers,

 stock stationery and more.

Ranging from strong to very subtle, the results were interesting, although we were unable to replicate anything like the box photo.  In fact, on black paper, we were unable to have it work at all. Instructions indicate that it works best on dyed paper as opposed to printed or coated papers.

I can see where one would find a use for it, and I admit I'm intrigued by the knowledge that no control is possible and results cannot be predicted.  Have you tried it?  Do you like it?

And of course, with Alice visiting, we had a whirl in the studio...in fact, it was such a whirl that both of us nearly forgot to take any photos.  Alice did have a go at Gelli printing, and got some lovely results.

We played with Inka Gold, stamps, monoprints, Castaway and other goodies until we were near cross-eyed.

As always, it was great pleasure to visit, share our artistic passions and indulge our colour pig addiction.  I hope your art friends join you in play occasionally.

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