Thursday 13 July 2023

I can feel the pull.... add another colour (maybe a dozen of them 😁) to this massive panel

as I've been working with the same basic three colours for weeks now.  

I'm reining myself in, though, given that I've not finished the layers of paint and stencils, never mind the close-in work that's required before the final wild splashes.

Meanwhile, the beat goes on.

I did take a break on the 3 x 4 to do an art prompt for July.  The requirement was the use of three colours - magenta, hot pink and spearmint, with the addition of black and/or white, if desired.  The colour correction is off on this photo of a 5" square slap-dash playtime.  The white paper shows as very pale pink.  (I'm putting that down to the preponderance of hot pink in the painting, rather than my inept use of the photo editor.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

And I thought you might like to see these photos of 'found art' John showed me in the garage.  He's been cleaning out in there, and was struck by this stain on the floor.  I think it's just grand, don't you?

How's your week been going - any found art in your world?  I look at these as gifts from the Universe as they remind me to keep my eyes open and pay attention to things!

Thursday 6 July 2023

How is it...

...that summers fly by so quickly?  We're into July already (a month chock-a-block full of guests for us - hooray!) and isn't that astounding?

I've managed to add part of a layer on the large piece 

and parts of it are really starting to look interesting.

I keep going back, though, to the initial area of plastic wrap technique, which thrills me to bits.  

The other small plastic wrap piece (12" x 12") is still in process,

and I've been playing in my large experimental journal as well.

The beauty of experiments is that they spark more ideas, more creativity, and much more fun!  May your summer studio be crammed full of wild ideas sparking more of them, endlessly.  

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