Thursday 27 October 2022

Oh, the colour... this time of the year is truly amazing, and I've been trying to remember for days to take my phone along when going walkabout.  Thank goodness I did, because I captured a smidgeon of that colour for you.

And just in case you think I've totally neglected the studio, this shot will show that's not the case.  It occurred to me this week that it's less than two months to Christmas, so card-making was surely required.  It's full on now and the chaos is explosive.  How will I find time to clear a table for pumpkin decorating tomorrow?  I've promised John that we could drip wax crayons with abandon, but it's obvious there's no space for it!!

I guess I'd better go make some room.  Have a great week, and Happy Halloween!  

Thursday 20 October 2022

Birthdays are the bomb...

 ...when you have grandchildren to paint for.  Linkin, turning five in early November, has recently become a huge basketball fan, so you can guess that this year's birthday painting is going to follow that theme.

I'm hoping that Link will be just as thrilled with his 'Grandma' painting as I was to be creating it.  Who has more fun than grandparents, I wonder?  Nobody, that's what I believe.  💗💖💝  Happy birthday, Linkin!

Thursday 13 October 2022

This life is a wild ride,

and one seems not to know from one moment to the next where we're headed.  Last week I missed posting due to a runaway few days across the mountains, and now I'm playing catch up.  One of the reasons was a celebration for our youngest grandson's second birthday party, and it was a blast.  His birthday painting this year was of a Simple Simon character called Mr. Noodle, and Owen was beyond excited with the painting.

The Simple Simon characters are delightful, and the catchy tunes they sing are just perfect for this budding musician.

It seems as though both grandsons are fall babies, so there is another birthday painting in the works right now for the older one.

Grandma better get on it, 'cause it's less than a month away and this one needs to go in the mail so it reaches him in time.

Meanwhile, book-making, journal play and paintings are all cooling their jets in the studio as I recover from a wrenched back.  I'm in that time of 'when-will-I-ever-get-back-to-completing-all-these-ideas-in my overflowing-creative-brain?'.  Luckily, the back is slowly regaining strength and improving.  I'll be tap-dancing in the studio soon enough, and enjoying your inspiration creativity in the meantime.  Happy week to you all.
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