Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Time in the studio...

is a bounce from one activity to another.  I've been working on book pages for my gratitude journal...

G for Gelli, using my yummy stash of Gelli prints for fodder
moving from one to the other.

B for books, possibly?

I've just unpacked 14 Gelli plates for the upcoming playshop at the college here in town,

and made a fascinator to wear at Wine Art this Friday night, where all those fabulous heads go up for auction.  It cracks me up that I have so little hair on my head it won't stay on - duct tape, perhaps?

With the yellow book in the Rainbow Series of altered books nearly completed and awaiting the title to go with the front and back quotes, it's one project that will soon be off the table.

Not So Mellow  An altered book in progress
There's a dried puff paint start to a new Gelli plate technique waiting for a moment of experimentation to happen,

and another gratitude page sits on the easel, patiently waiting its turn.  Can you tell this is A for alphabet, which precedes the B for books near the top of this post?  I know someone who would possibly cringe at the fact that I'm doing the pages out of order...true story!  :D  You know who you are!

I've actually managed to finish a couple of paintings, too.  This one is from my Fading From the Pattern Series, depicting animals that are nearing the point of no return on our planet.  

Green Sea Turtle   6" x 8" on cradled wood panel  © Win Dinn
Fading from the Pattern Series
Another completion is this whimsical piece utilizing some of my dried foliage stash.  I often think about what the inhabitants of the garden are doing when John's not out there watching. I suspect there's a whole lot more going on than we can imagine.

Carrot Love  10" x 10"  mixed media on cradled wood panel  © Win Dinn
What's happening in your studio these days?

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