Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's a jeans kind of day

I don't say that very often, but it was certainly part of a recent day.

I'd recently watched a Gelli arts video about working with layered texture plates and knew I had to try the technique.  Given that I had no interfacing on hand and with the patience of a gnat, I had to make my plates from blue jeans.

Here are some of the results, with the blue jean plates on the left and the resultant Gelli print starts on the right.

Why so many you ask (and you should - I made twelve of them!)?  Well, I think these are going to be a huge hit with my students next month, especially given that they'll be making their own blue jeans templates.
What could be more fun than that?  Well, maybe making blue jeans templates, texture plates, fun foam stamps, text stamps and dozens of prints....you get the picture!  Will you join us?  You can register for this playshop online....hurry, though, as registration closes this week!

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