Friday, 16 May 2014

Easy, peasey?

Some days, yes.  Some days, no.  Some brains, get the picture.

I've been trying to teach myself how to make a video - rather like trying to teach someone with no sense of rhythm how to dance the macarena.  Given I'm technologically challenged, spatially declined and incapable of stringing any two supposedly logical computer actions together, learning a new program is a real test of patience (my previous post indicates how much of that I have too).

I can show you the final result in photos...these two Gelli plate prints were a lot of fun to do, with five layers of Golden open acrylic paints - hansa yellow, quinacridone gold, quinacridone burnt orange, pyrrol red and alizaron crimson hue.

First print created from each layer

Ghost print created from each layer
If you've the patience to sit through about eight minutes of video, you'll find the step by step action here:

If you've got the courage, you could also subscribe to the channel, although there's no guarantee the uploads will be fast and furious!

If you'd rather see it in person, I recommend you sign up for the 'Gelli it Up!' course, coming to this Summer Arts Series at the College of the Rockies in June - it's much easier to do it than (for me anyway) to grasp in a video.  There are no prerequisites or experience required - just a willingness to play with paint and other stuff for a full weekend.  Oh, you have to know how to laugh, too.  Best of all, you`ll take your Gelli plate home with you so you can continue with your new addiction.



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