Friday, 30 May 2014

I'm folding...

and folding, and folding once again.  I've had this 'novel' sitting in my bookshelf for a couple of years waiting for some folding inspiration.  I was displeased with the geometric, structured rigidity of the piece, and knew it needed something.

From both angles it looked hard and unappealing, which may be exactly right for a medical book on urology and cancer of the prostate, but not for an art piece.

 So I started the deconstruction process, taking apart the middle sections, tearing a piece of each sheet away (you can see it here on the left), tearing that in half, and then curling each around a skewer.

 The result, after hours and hours of folding, was much more organic and flowing,

 and more appealing from every direction.

Portioned into twelve segments, each section folds and flows into the next.

It's safe to say that this is the only way I'll ever enjoy a book on urology!
Organic Medicine    Altered Book Folding   9 " x 11 " © Win Dinn
Here's a Helpful Hint for you if you're planning on a book folding project.  It's WAY smarter to pre-plan your folding so you don't have to deconstruct what you've already done in order to complete your mission. Happy folding!  And if you're book folding, email me a photo, and I'll showcase it here!

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