Saturday, 9 December 2017

It's a different kind...

...of creativity in the house right now, with Christmas baking at the top of the list.

It's obvious to me that the damaged Nanaimo Bar on the centre right must be eaten immediately so as to make any future photos of this plate look more elegant.  While I take care of that, you can check out the rest of the post.

Of course, being back from Linkland, I had to have some friends over to play - this is what the studio looked like before 9 am.  We had all the makings for a mini accordion book and tore right into it. 

Naturally, it got progressively wilder.  Linda (below left) wondered why all the photos of my playmates' faces appear so glum when they are having such a great time.  Of course, this is the only full photo I got of her.

Gay, below, had her happy face on for this one,

 as did Lynne.  Love the hands-on-hips-ready-to-speak-her-piece stance!

Lynne's mini accordion book is well on the way here, and looking delightfully full of geckos and butterflies!

Gay's book incorporates butterflies as well, accompanied by some dragonflies...are we seeking summer?

 Linda's book had a host of birds, carrying on the nature theme.

Mine had a Parisian fashion theme, so I fulfilled my mandate for being odd and what-the-heck unusual.

Lynne brought me this fabulous card in celebration of my new and very important status:

 the kicker inside just cracked me up!

I hope you're getting ready for Christmas and avoiding the stress that over-prep can create.  Tell me all about it in the comments below, will you?

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Home again... a great feeling after three weeks away, and even better to return to family, pooches and mail art.  I found a lovely parcel waiting for me from Rose McGuinn.  We'd signed up for a paper exchange recently on Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art and did she ever give me a wonderful parcel.

It was chock-a-block full of so many luscious papers I was drooling into my morning coffee.  From packing tape lift offs, Gelli prints, deli papers, envelopes, and book sheets, each turn of the 'page' was something new and fabulous.

There was marbled paper, embossed paper, a postcard, a vintage advertisement, a sheet of medieval festivities and a most intriguing entwined line of dancing girls.  

Also enclosed were several pockets filled with bird cards, a postage stamp, a sheaf of coupons, and some plastic shaker bits, to say nothing of the stitched paper. 

In all, it couldn't have been a wider range of paper products, nor a more colourful one.  It was a truly extraordinary package to peruse!  Many thanks, Rose - I am awed by your generosity.

Now that I'm home and going through Link withdrawal, I'll need to rely on the last photos I took before I the way he's rocking this jailbird look.  :D

Happy weekend to you all!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

No matter whether at home...

...or on the road, there is always something interesting to see.

Being in the city means my point of view has changed a great deal.  There is new art to view (outer space, perhaps?),

Detail of Amy Pozenekoff acrylic

and my nose gets a lift with the range of non-orchard scents.

 There is as much vibrant colour as one could wish for, and you know I'm a colour pig, right?

There is a host of new things on view, some of which I'd even know how to use.

 Even the sidewalks are decorated,

 and the graphics are amazing wherever I look,

 to say nothing of the potential for coffee.

And above all, there is a cuddly little fellow to hold.

Could life in the city get any better?  I don't think so!

Friday, 17 November 2017

I'm on a . . .

. . . Grandma hiatus right now, and will be back with you in a couple of weeks.  May your pre-Christmas time be a joy!

Thursday, 9 November 2017

I'm on a roll...

... or maybe I'm just rolling over.  This purge has me alternating between howls of laughter, amazement and pure unadulterated stunnery (is there such a word?).

I've been working like a fiend to cut papers down to a size small enough to fit into a file folder.  I now have more than a yard of folders, crammed full of colour lusciousness.

Apparently, I'm still not done;  I keep finding more and this stack of heavy texture is a case in point.

Years of teaching means that I've a huge stash of material to go through.  At the risk of you thinking I'm absolutely crackers (and truthfully, at this point how could you not?), I have to show you what I found this week - a box crammed full with bags of painted mats, conveniently chopped into odd shapes and sizes.

Obviously, at some point, I decided I had waaaaaay too many painted matboards (done for background demos in workshops) and chopped them just for fun.  I say that because I've no idea now what the end game was, and my mind is whirling with 'what the hecks?'.

At any rate, I have to show you some close-ups of the mouth-watering colour!

I hope you can give me some suggestions in your comments below because there must be near 1000 pieces here, and the colour is so good it would be a shame to throw them away.  If I had a wood panel big enough (yup, they're all gone now), I'd be doing something wild and wonderful, but I'm hoping you've got a ton of ideas for me instead.

To end this post on a truly joyous note (apart from the colour, of course) I'd like you to meet our eagerly-awaited first-born grandchild who arrived this week. 
Linkin Nathan Christensen, born Nov. 6/17  6 lbs. 13 oz...welcome home!
May your week have been filled with as much joy and laughter as has ours. 

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