Thursday, 12 July 2018


Squirrel happens so often in the studio that I should really do a piece of artwork about it, except I keep getting distracted.  I used the large Branches mask by The Crafters Workshop on top of a Gelli print that had been created using one of my foam templates, and then....

I loved the effect, and decided to do another, but the unprepossessing template (photo below) caught my eye.  It obviously needed something more, so I spent an hour or so adding texture to it - rather challenging given it was already heavily painted.

I noticed, too, that the mask was badly in need of a cleaning, since many of those delightful little brach spaces had accumulated sneaky layers of paint...I could blame it on my students, couldn't I?  Oops, there went another hour.

Finishing the new texture necessitated another Gelli printing session, of course.  Don't you wonder why, in a studio the size I work in those prints and foam plates are all on the floor?

Perhaps it's because every surface in the studio is covered with in-progress projects!  I can see I've got some cleaning to do before my next guests and students arrive.

With mask taped in place over one of the prints, I was ready to roll with layer number two.

And of course, the mask got dirty once again, which meant another cleaning session.  At least this time it didn't take so long to get it clean.  It's amazing how much easier wet paint is to remove compared to dry.

Just because I'm on a roll with this mask and these textured prints, I might do another . . . what colour combo do you want to see?  And naturally, there are more layers to come on the ones I've already done - when I get back to them!

I hope you're as squirrelly as am I in the's certainly well worth it for entertainment value.


Thursday, 5 July 2018

I got lost...

...somewhere between Creston, Penticton, the kitchen and studio.  Thank goodness I had my camera with me, so you could see I'm still in my usual chaos.

With preparations hot and heavy for a family weekend in Penticton, it was a toss-up whether I would stamp and paint,

play with shapes of paper pulled from clothing packages,

 use scraps to create a birthday card,

 or cut itsy bitsy leaves from my stamping frenzy before, during or after prep time.. 

As you can see, I did it all, although missed most of the photos required.  Then I baked and cooked up a storm before leaving town for a July long weekend with the extended family all gathering in Penticton.  Kudos to brother Neal and his wife Judith, who hosted the madness!

Sixteen people gathered (four kidlets included) with five dogs, one cat, nine dozen cookies, three dozen cupcakes,  four dozen wings, salads, ribs, wine tasting, beaches, drives, walks, a tractor and an amazing amount of laughter.  It was wonderful bedlam:

I do hope that your holiday weekend, whether in Canada or elsewhere, was as much fun.  It'll be back to creativity this next week, and maybe some of those snippets of things will actually get utilized elsewhere.  In the meantime, happy July, my artsy friends.

Thursday, 21 June 2018


...must be my middle name.  I love them - all sorts - whether reading, altering or making them.  So when considering what kind of thank you would be appropriate for our realtor, Carol Geurts  (she is literally magical in every sense of the word), a book seemed quite appropriate.

It was sent to her, wrapped in a double-sided map paper envelope,

and filled with photos of wonderful cottages - the same feeling I get when I settle into the condo daily.

About 8" in height and 4" wide,

it was a pleasure to compile.

Carol's dedication to the sale of our house (four days from listing!!!) to finding us the perfect condo (day 5)

made our move pure delight.

I think you should all move to Creston, BC, Canada just so you can work with her -

you'd make a great friend, find a wonderful home,

and then you could come and play with me regularly in-studio!

We could all make books together, couldn't we?

Carol kindly posted a lovely note and photo essay on Facebook when she received the booklet, so this post is a thank you to the thanker about a thank you from the'd think we were Canadians, we're so polite!  😃

Catch me up on your latest doings in the comments below - I'd love to hear what's floating your book boat this week!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Wham, bam...

...I'm Studio Sam (or Samette?), back in the thick of it.

My first guests in the new studio brought it on in style.  It started with Lynne Mizera making this fantabulous 3D new studio card complete with an extensive array of fussy-cut items on the walls including photos of me, and in-progress works on the table.  Call me gob-smacked!

When you realize the whole card is about 8 inches in width, 4 inches high and 2 inches deep your eyes will cross and head roll when you imagine doing all those teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy cuts!  Accompanying a lovely little art journal (more play time coming up), it is a stupendous gift.  

She brought it when she joined three others here for a play date.  While we normally have a theme for our playtimes, this particular morning was a free-for-all.

Maureen worked on this fabulous collage - Here's to Hue! indeed.  Could it get any more colour-full?!

Eileen finished this watercolour she'd been working on,

and then started another one in her dog series.  She was on a roll, and so intent that I'm not sure she even heard the conversation around her.

 Deni was tearing into the Gelli plate, making prints and turning them into cards.

Lynne worked in a journal, and was delighted with the bits and pieces she found in the scrap box - why is it that they always look better when they're in someone else' box?!

Those of you who know of my struggle when it comes to spatial relationships will laugh when I tell you it took near three hours to figure out how to make an envelope for a booklet I'd created (more on that later).  Had there been a photo of me, it would have shown me staring stupidly into space as I faced the task with confuddled bemusement.

While still in progress, it's likely to get done today or tomorrow, delivery will happen soon, and I can do a post for you on the envelope contents.

I did have 20 minutes or so at the end of the morning, where I was able to toss all thought aside and play with the Gelli plate. 

As always, I enjoy the look of the newly-painted stencils, too.

I'd love to hear about your week - catch me up in the comments below, and feel free to add a link!  

Thursday, 7 June 2018

I did it....

...and I'm so glad.  I got back into the studio this week, and I'm loving it.  While the results are not press-worthy, they were most definitely fun!

I started in the journal with a spread that was already near-completed on the right hand side, adding some crackle stamp on the left.

Some additions of paper scraps and a fun foam gear added some colour.

By the time I added some text and more scraps, things were looking up.  The repetition of the text on the left with the tag in the pocket on the right seemed to tie it all together.

My studio is now looking more like home since I added paintings from my nearest and dearest to the walls, along with my own artwork, and installed some tables and chairs.

I'm excited about the thought of having friends/students in for some major play time.

And in spite of all that crazy purging I did, there seems to be a plethora of supplies with which to play...can't imagine how that happened!  😉

I'm hoping that in spite of the usual move-in kinks I'm back in the groove of regular creating again.  Wish me luck, and tell me what you're up to in the comments below!  

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