Thursday 18 April 2024

Experiment, play, repeat...

The life of an artist is pure bliss, in my opinion.

You may have seen this piece last week with the shocking change due to the glaze of yellow/orange on the magenta.  It has changed yet again, and may sit for a while as it waits for further inspiration.

The flowers from this piece, also started last week, are starting to get a rather rakish look.  More to come?  Perhaps!

This piece is really getting on my nerves, and I can only manage a bit at a time, cursing every moment.  Do you have pieces like that?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!

A meditation inspiration had me going back to a star book created in 2022; I've found a number of quotes that have spoken to me over the years, and they'll be added sometime in the next while.  That turqoise paper has some lovely sparkle to it, which really speaks to the theme.

I've started another small collage, just because I could, and I'll be adding to it this next week, I suspect.

And another question for you go through phases of colour lust?  Right now I just can't get enough of this combination and I keep finding a need to make more painted paper using the cool yellow and hot pink.    Help me please, I'm trapped and can't get out!!  🤣

See you next week and perhaps with a new colour scheme.  Surely something spring-like should appear?


  1. It's amazing how your changes to that piece just look better and better yet I loved it before and now I love it even more. My dear friend! I have several projects that I start and then find sometimes you just have to walk away from them for a while though for me sometimes that can be years Lol! Mmm... I tend to get a bit stuck with colour schemes and continually find myself using them again and again until I suddenly realise what is happening! You were right what you said over at mine, my sister -in- law knows me too well. Not sure if that's a good thing Lol! The clouds are unlikely to go anywhere for a while though they have in the past been on show in the house but I got fed up and something else took their place so for now they will be resting in the cabin. Take care and have a good week. Hugs Angela xxx

    1. The wonderful thing about a sense of experimentation and play is that one can find so many new things about the practice. I, too, am enjoying the changes made to that first piece, and have a yen to start another similar one - just for the sheer playfulness.

      I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with pieces that lie fallow for years. 🤣

      Your clouds are lovely, and I'm encouraging my readers to pop over there and have a look! Sending hugs from Canada, with appreciation to the max!!

  2. I love seeing all those different projects on the go. That hot pink and orange is so luscious! We artists do find ourselves going back to favourite combinations, don't we? I look through my journals and see several pages in a row with the same colours coming up. It can be good to go out of the comfort zone, but when certain colours just speak to us, I say go with it.

    My studio is a bit of a mess at the moment with some knitting - the cold weather has landed - and a set of five clerical stoles all cut out and ready for decoration, on top of the several journals that are sitting about. Plus a big box of tissue paper that I was able to save my boss from 🤣

    1. It's true about the colours that call, Tracy - there was a period where I started every piece with Hansa Yellow and Manganese Blue as it made such a gorgeous green ( and that was even being not much a fan of green!). One just has to go with it to get it out of the system!

      And talk about projects on the go - you've got a studio full and then some!!! I applaud you for 'saving' that tissue paper from your boss. You are truly a trooper to do so. Maybe you can incorporate some of it into your journals when you get back to them. 😜

    2. Those tissue papers are already making backgrounds for some floral pages :)

  3. Wow Win, if I had as many ideas floating around in my poor little pea brain as you do, my head would probably explode.
    Your first one looks so different I thought it was a new picture. Your flowers are prettier by the minute. And yes hand painted portraits give me fits that's why I switched to digital. Less stress better results.
    Everything else looks great, but I wouldn't paint a wall that pink & yellow combo unless you have some really good dark glasses.
    Best wishes and hugs to you my friend.

    1. I'm pretty sure that my head has already exploded, Deann, and I'm just too idea-logged to notice. 🤣

      I agree about that first's just amazing how it's changed so much over the weeks. As for painting people and stuff, I'm with you all the way. I'm thinking I may cover the whole thing in polka dots and/or teeny tiny squares just to drive myself more bananas.

      I had to laugh at the idea of painting a wall in pink and yellow. As much as I love the combination, it's definitely not a good thought for home decor. Besides it would clearly clash with my present gold/red/green combo and more likely require a blindfold than dark glasses.. Can you see me roaring with laughter over that one?!

      Happy week to you and yours - sending hugs, Win


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