Thursday 8 June 2023

The break...

...was fabulous, with some heartful family time, Sunfest and Sculpturewalk in Castlegar, and the highlight of a Burton Cummings concert in Trail.  Just the best musician ever!  Oh, and the eating - goodness my family knows how to cook!!!!!

Of course, being away for much of the week meant there was little playing in the studio.  I did manage some work on the 3' x 4', though, and it's starting to look a little fuller.  It is now at (or strongly approaching) the ugly stage, and is likely to remain there for a week or six.

You can see I'm still sticking to the three original colours of Quinacridone Gold, Turquoise and Flame Red - isn't it amazing how many shades are created from just those three?

I've added some stencil work, 

in three different areas, 

painted some lines and added a wandering row of red crab-like creatures with the side of my hand.  Where did that come from?! 

I also managed to get to the July creativity prompt this week, which was to use only a dark-coloured paint and a light-coloured paint on brown paper, using as many tools as one could find.  So far, I've
used my fingers, a paint brush (both ends), palette knife, a plastic scrubbie, skewer, feather, credit card, eye dropper, paper towel, wax paper and more.  

I doubt that I'm finished yet, and being the rebel I am, I suspect that some white will be added to the mix.  Truly, I needed to use a much bigger paper!  

Hope your week has been outstanding as we head into summer.  Keep me posted in the comments, will you?


  1. Win, This is just like going on a wonderful journey with beautiful attractions along the way. When the journey is through I know it will be fabulous.
    So glad you got some family time that is always fun.
    I worry about you up there with all the forest fire smoke is it awful or is it blowing the other way...I hope. We got it down here for a couple of week but the jet stream change so we are okay now.
    I hope you have a beautiful sunny week with no smoke, and find lots of new things to paint about a comb? lol

    1. I'm loving the process on this piece, mostly because it's so interesting to translate mark-making to the much larger panel.

      Loved the family time, so much that we're making a flying trip over the mountains on Sunday for little Chloe's birthday party. Riotous, I'm sure. ;-)

      The forest fires are not currently impacting us with the smoke, but Alberta next door is really bearing the brunt of it. It's so early in the fire season that we're all a bit agog with it all.

      Thanks for the comb thought... more fun additions! Happy week, my friend! xo

  2. Hi Win, I can see this coming together nicely but understand the Ugly stage as |I have one at that stage at the moment. If I didn't know better I swould bin it now Lol! It makes me smile really as when I was sztill teaching art I used to go round the bins in my classroom at the end of the day and pull out all thepieces of work thatsome of my pupils had decided were too Ugly to continue with and we nearly always saved them one way or another. Loving the last piece, maybe it needs some bubble wrap stamping added. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

    1. It's taken me a long time to be OK with the ugly stage. I'm smiling at you pulling your students' work from the bin for the purposes of resurrection - good on you! :D And bubble wrap stamping? Yes to that, I say. xo

  3. Loving watching the progress on your panel. They all go through that ugly stage, don't they? But as long as we don't despair, they come back around to something we are happy with eventually. Much like life, really.

    1. That's a terrific analogy, Tracy - creating something IS just like life...bits and pieces are extraordinary, parts may be flat and uninteresting, the whole can look impossible, and then in a flash it can all come together (we hope!).


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