Friday, 1 May 2015

Another signature...

was finished this month, and it's a rare departure from my usual colourful work, given that it's completely done in black and white.

The Creative Life is an ongoing class for 2015, meeting monthly at Creative Fix.  Not only is it a fabulous gift shop, they have a great range of classes for adults and children (I'm perhaps a bit biased since I teach there often!).

This is the third signature from the twelve we are expected to complete (you can see the other two here and here), and I'm having a blast with the whole thing.

It's fun to incorporate collage,

textured papers,


stamps from Art Foamies




and ephemera (see the false eyelash?.)

I've been using up many of my favourite paper stashes (thanks for the Japanese newspaper Kendra!),

and still couldn't get enough of the wonderful contrast.

I think the photo here at the finish of this signature says it all - the photographer is obviously taking a shot at the con, who wonders how he got here, of all places.

Since our demo last night was on Posca pens, I'm sure they'll come into play in the next signature.  (I may have purchased one or two, but don't tell John!)

What are you up to in your creative life?  Please comment, and include your link(s) so we can see your story.

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