Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Around and around...

we went, this holiday weekend.  One of the highlights was the car show on Canyon Street, where I blissed out over the beautifully restored vehicles on display.  Taking well over 50 photos, I was amused to see that half of them were of the wheels...those mandalas call to me wherever I go!

These wheels remind me of people...

 since they're each so individualistic,

 designed for their own chassis,

 fitting precisely in the right spot,

 and beautifully formed for the job they do.

 Some of them look totally different,

 some are flashy,

some more quietly subdued,

 yet each fabulous in their own way.

If we individuals could appreciate the similarities and the marvellous differences of each other, perhaps we would find it as easy to take make our mark as do these!

If you'd like to see some mandalas of a different sort, go here.  For further information about mandalas in general, go here.  To learn how to design your own mandalas, check the class information here and then email me at windinn@shaw.ca to see how you can have one in your area. If you're looking for your own mandala colouring book, click the Color Me Up! button on the right hand side of this blog.

Oh, did you want to see a car?  How about these?

Hope you had a wonderful long weekend!

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