Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I can't seem to...

...get out of the studio these days, in spite of the glorious spring weather.

Up to my eyebrows in gel medium, cheesecloth, buttons, metal findings and paint, I've been altering bottle after bottle,
'Seaside Garden' altered bottle © Win Dinn

glass after glass,
'Silver Lining' altered glass © Win Dinn

 painting after painting,
'Garden Dreams'  © Win Dinn

and an occasional box thrown in for good measure.
'The Treasure Box'  © Win Dinn
The texture aspect entices me every time I'm in the studio.  Each square inch is akin to a mini painting.

I used to call myself a colour pig, but now I can add texture pig to that list of creative addictions. This afternoon I'm think I'll take some time off to raid John's stash in the garage - there's no telling what will turn up there!

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