Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Back in the studio...

...after an illicit runaway day on Mother's Day, I'm inspired to play once again.  

Right now I'm drawn to those delicious metallic colours of Inka Gold, and can't seem to get enough of them.  
'Changing Landscape' 5" x 7" mixed media on gallery wrap canvas  © Win Dinn

Well, of course John thinks I've got enough of them, but he obviously can't be trusted with the real skinny, so let's not tell him, right?

They come in so many lustrous colours that I find myself putting them on nearly everything I do these days - sometimes over the whole of a piece,

sometimes in tiny accents that go almost unnoticed,

'Confluence' 10 " x 8" mixed media on cradled wood panel © Win Dinn
and sometimes from the background to the foreground and everywhere in between.

'Midnight Garden II' 8" x 6" mixed media on cradled wood panel © Win Dinn

And of course, the studio looks its usual wild self, with projects lined by by the score.

Looking at this post, you'd think that someone had taken a full 32 oz. jar of black gesso, and exploded it in the room.

Come to think of it....

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