Friday, 30 August 2013

It's our heritage...

...tomatoes, that is.

John has been growing heritage tomatoes in the 'back forty' for the past three years, and they are staggering in their colour, size, taste and variety.

From vine

 to vine,

 and then to cutting board, the colours vary from yellow and green zebra stripes,

to burgundy

 to orange, and everything in between, with shapes ranging from the bulbous

 to pear, and sizes from grape to gargantuan.

 Whether they go into the pot to cook or can,

get photographed for their glorious colour,

 or sliced for one of the five or six times a day we enjoy them, they're a feast in more ways than one.

I am thankful that there are farmers and gardeners around the world who are making such a huge effort to preserve and protect these heritage varieties so they are not lost to us.  They are beyond rich in their luscious taste and diversity.

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