Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Some heavy lifting...

might be required in your next studio time.

With some slightly thinned heavy-body paint, a spritz of water, paintbrush, a support and some paper towel, you can create a really interesting background.

Here, I started with a mat board support that's coloured with some violent orange left-over paint.

Over this I painted a wild cobalt teal, spritzed it with a fine spray of water,

and covered it quickly with a paper towel.  A quick press with my hands, and a paper towel lift,

revealed a prettily patterned paper towel - you can use this in another project!

The pattern that is left on the support has toned down the orange and creates a vibrant background for the next piece of art off the easel.

You can, of course, repeat this process many times - I'm thinking a lavender over top of this one might be fun!

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