Tuesday, 27 August 2013

It's NOT pork...

...but pulled paper instead!

You'll need some gloss medium, a support, paint brush, paint and any paper from a magazine, disused book, tax package or telephone book.

Coat your support with a good layer of liquid gloss medium (I use Golden),

and slap on your sheet.  Here I've used a sheet of very light newsprint from the provincial portion of the Canadian tax package.   Only in Canada would they use a colour like this for taxes!

In order to facilitate the pull, you can add masking tape to it - if you do it in different directions, you'll get a great array of effects.

After the medium and paper have dried for a couple of minutes (or to your preference), use the masking tape to peel off the paper in different directions.

Now that it's really ugly (sorry, make that distressed looking), you can add a wash of colour over the top of it all.

Since I'm not that fond of the result so far, I've spritzed/splashed/drizzled on another wash of paint afterwards.

I think this will make a great background for a painting.  How about you?

Here's an example of a painting utilizing the pulled paper technique - more taxes.

'...and Taxes '    Mixed Media © Win Dinn  2013 

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