Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Have you got your mask on?

Even if it's not Halloween, it's a good idea!

Using masking tape (the wide one is Frog's Tape and the thin one is regular painter's tape) to create a background is fun, especially if you're not lining things up with a T-square.

I've started with a white mat board, utilizing masking tape in a criss-cross pattern and painting a quinacridone pink wash over top.  Before the wash dried, I blotted it lightly with a cloth to create some variegation in the surface.

When the tape is lifted after the paint has dried, the white of the board remains.

Another layer of wash, this time in Hansa Yellow medium goes on over new taping, - doesn't that make a difference?

And again a new look.  You'll  note that when you're pulling off the masking tape, you'll have better success if you pull it off at a 90 degree angle as below.

  We'll add another layer, this time in quinacridone gold and let it dry.

And it just gets richer and more complex the more layers are added.

The final layer is set up and left to dry,

and the 'finished' background is done.  You can, of course, layer and layer, and layer (am I repeating myself here?) as much as you wish.  I'm not fond of the intense white spots that are left, so may do another coat of very thin warm orange over all to eliminate them.  It's all about choice!

Here's to getting your mask on in the studio!

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