Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pink for hope...

The recent Pink Garden Spa Tea was sheer delight.  Between the feast for the eyes,

the bountiful tea,

and the care that was manifest for those who are dealing with cancer, it was truly a remarkable event.

Everywhere one looked, there was something beautiful and heartful to see.

With speakers from the valley and from afar (Lynda, a poetess, was from the coast),

and a garden that was lush, green and voluptuous with riotous colour,

the time flew by in a rush of pleasure.

Laura Leeder, a local watercolourist who specializes in paintings of  timeless beauty, had donated a painting for silent auction.

The painting, A Cup of Hope, was a huge hit with the attendees, and raised a considerable sum to support women locally who are experiencing the ravages of cancer.

Please enjoy the experience through the eyes of my camera, as you consider the fact that grass roots efforts like the Pink Garden Tea are happening throughout the world, in support of all that is good and right about community.

I know that we often hear and see so much that is difficult and horrendous in the news, and perhaps we forget how many people are working to make this planet a better place on which to live.  To those who care, and show it, to those who work for the betterment of society, to those who volunteer, to those who give and keep on giving, I thank you.  You're walking the world another step closer to home.

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