Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Perhaps you need a tissue?

Well, certainly I do - it's a constant in my studio!

Playing with artist tissue is more fun than a cat in a room full of seniors with motorized rocking chairs (apologies to Opal, the Studio Cat).

Secure a piece of archival artist-quality tissue paper, and away we go!

 Spritz your tissue with a healthy dose of water,

and then crumple it. 

Pull it gently apart, distressing and mushing (one of my favourite technical terms) as you wish, and place it on a still-wet support that has been coated with liquid gloss medium.  Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Now you can over-paint with your choice of thin wash, allowing the wash to pool into the folds of the tissue.

If you like you can paint the whole support, and blot some areas with a paper towel (save those for use in another painting) for texture.  Again, allow it to dry.

Here I've added three dryer-sheet 'moons' for additional interest.

'From the Woods' was created completely with this technique, utilizing vertical pieces of tissue with layers and more layers of paint.
From the Woods  Mixed Media  ©Win Dinn
So if you had a tissue, how would you use it?

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