Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A medallion for you...

One of my students' favourite techniques from Mixed Media I - Playtime for Adults, is this easily accomplished marbled medallion.

All it takes is some clear tar gel medium, acrylic paint, liquid gloss medium, a palette knife, palette paper and a skewer.

Pour a pool of the clear tar gel medium onto the palette paper.  As it settles, mix two or three colours of heavy bodied paint with an equal amount of liquid medium and a spritz or two of water.

Drop the paints into the pool from the end of your palette knife.

Draw through the drops of colour with the tip of a wooden skewer,

until you have a design you like.  Prick any bubbles with a pin and let it dry overnight.

Once dry (and it does dry clear and see-through, you can lift your medallion from the palette paper and incorporate all or part of it into a painting.

River Study  Mixed Media on Canvas  20 x 16  © Win Dinn
Here you can see a medallion tucked under the cheesecloth in the upper right quadrant of River Study.

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