Friday, 28 June 2013

Just WAY too easy!

I don't normally post a Tuesday Tutuorial on a Friday, but this has been a cock-eyed week, so here goes:

A palette paper transfer from your mixed media bag of tricks is one of the easiest things to accomplish.

When I have leftover paint on my palette paper,

I make a thin wash and leave it to dry.

Gather your painted sheet of palette paper (freezer paper or butcher paper works just as well - it's the glossy plastic finish you need for lift-off), some liquid acrylic medium (yes, I buy Golden gloss by the gallon), a support, a brayer and a paint brush.

Paint your support with a layer of acrylic medium, plunk it face down on your palette paper

 and run your brayer over the back side to ensure there is contact everywhere.

Allow it to dry (anywhere from two hours to overnight, depending on how liberal you were with the acrylic medium), and then peel the palette paper off the support.  

The paint will remain on the support and add interest to your background.

You can layer transfer upon transfer this way, building up a rich and varied background that adds a sense of luminous depth and colour to your painting.

Harlequin Party  Mixed Media on mat board  © Win Dinn
Harlequin Party has seven to nine palette paper transfers on the background surface before the addition of middle and foreground accents.

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