Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A huge thanks...

goes out to fellow artists for feeding my creative frenzy.

This past week I put out an APB looking for metal buttons and old costume jewellery.  And boy, did I get results!

I was gifted pounds of gorgeous metal buttons,

dozens of pieces of earring and pins, 

chains galore (including a hand-crafted one!),


antique keys (I LOVE keys)


some wonderfully mandalic circular metal pieces (?),


 more beautiful jewellery including cultured pearls,

and another bag full of lovely filigreed plastic buttons.

How could I help but spend a couple of hours making more flowers?  It was all just impossible to resist!

Thank you Eileen and Laura for feeding my addiction...there will be many lost hours coming up in the studio!

Then I was rooting through my art pen case, and found this lovely silver tree of life earring, stashed in there, no doubt, by Alice on her recent visit.  Wow - thank you!

And while I'm on the topic of generosity, I want to give a shout out to the wonderful community 'Creating and Sharing Mixed Media Art' over at Google+.  I've been involved in a tag swap there for some months and invariably I'm bowled over not only by the tags I've received, but the add-ons of ephemera gifted with them.  You're a fabulous bunch of peeps!  

Thank you to all my artist friends - you feed my frenzy and fill my soul!

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