Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Playing with elastics -

- it's not just for kids!

Wrapping some elastics around a hard brayer, rolling it into paint and then painting directly onto your support can yield some energetic lines.

What happens, though, when you use a soft foam paint roller and do the same thing?

Wrapping the elastics on a softer surface gives a bumpy and uneven texture to your roller.

Here I'm priming the roller with paint for use on my first surface

and another one.

Lightly running the roller over the first support gives a totally different look than heavier pressure on the second, and much different again than working with a hard brayer.

I'm loving the palette paper when I'm done, too.  Perfect for a transfer!

You'll note that using different brayers (foam, soft, hard), altered sizes of elastics and varying your pressure when applying will give you a wide range of effects with this technique.  It's clearly time to get those elastics working for you.

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