Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Get your fabric on!

Those of us who are the creative type have generally gone through phases galore in our lives, and in mixed media, this is definitely a leg up.

I love fabric, and while I no longer spend hours over a sewing machine, I just can't resist a pretty piece of it. The best thing to do is to give in!  This richly designed cotton came from Gleaners and at $1.50 for the healthy two metres, it had to be mine!

Here I'm coating a portion of the back side of the fabric with a gloss gel medium to ensure that when I use it, there will be no frayed edges.

Once dry, I cut out the portion that is coated (reverse side at the top),

and then carefully cut it into sections.

I'm liking the subtle look of this fabric frieze underneath a lightly painted dryer sheet, over top of a heavily patterned surface.

And for those of you making paper flowers, this works just as well when substituting fabric for paper.

What tricks can you get your fabric swatches to do?  Email me with photos at windinn@shaw.ca, and I'll add them to this tutorial.

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