Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ready for a sandwich?

A paper sandwich, that is.

These pretty sandwiches make a lovely addition to paintings, whether they're filled with threads, dried flowers and leaves, or other very thin material.

You'll need some (Golden) gloss polymer medium, a paint brush/water, some thin materials and a sheet of mulberry paper folded in half.

Paint half of  your mulberry paper liberally with the gloss medium, and place your materials on top.  Notice that there is a very thin (love these accidents!) layer of phalo green paint on the butcher paper sitting below the mulberry sheet.

Coat the 'other inside' of the paper with the gloss medium (I move my brush from the fold outwards to help keep the paper straight) and carefully fold the one side over the other, patting gently, gently, GENTLY to ensure all areas adhere.  The mulberry paper is very fragile.

Paint the outside of the sandwich  and leave it to dry.  When it's dry, you can also paint the back of the sandwich if you're planning on using this as a window pane in a double-sided painting.

 When it's dry, you can place it onto another painting...you'll note the undertone of green - that accident which was waiting to happen.  This sandwich is going to make a lovely addition to a future painting!

What kind of sandwich will you have for lunch today?

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