Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Printing with leaves...

Friday's post was about checking out the possibilities inherent in the garden.  My favourite part of summer is the opportunity to play with the leaves and grasses in the garden, and this year is no exception.

I start by accumulating some leaves and grasses, chosen for their interesting shapes, a soft brayer, paint and a support.

My first trick is to place the foliage on a support, cover with a sheet of paper, and use several passes of the brayer to flatten the heck out of the leaves and grasses.  This makes it much easier to create an impression.

I roll the brayer in the paint (fluid consistency seems to work the best for me), and then over the greenery.  Then, placing the greenery paint side down on the support, I use another piece of paper on top, and apply the brayer over all.  It leaves (pun intended) a lovely impression.

I then place the leaves on a piece of palette paper and repeat the process, leaving a transferable image (see Direct Transfer technique) to be used later in other pieces.  (Because palette paper has a plastic coating, the direct transfer works without scrubbing the back - something that is required for magazine direct transfers - oh happy day!)

Even the mat board that is being used when I'm coating the greenery has interesting patterns - another start, for another time.

A second colour and another layer is applied  in the same way.

A soft wash of quinacridone gold over all, with a paper towel scrunched into the sky area to create interesting variation, and

my play is done for this set of foliage.

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