Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pools of light...

The wide range of gel mediums by Golden make them almost irresistible for playtime in the studio, and the fact that many of them actually resist paint is even more fun.

For a gel resist, assemble a gel medium (it comes in soft, medium, heavy and extra heavy - I'm playing with heavy here), a support and a palette knife.

A large daub of the white medium is ready to hit the support.

Slathered (doesn't that word sound edible?) on with the knife, it starts to look pretty interesting.

I've created a variety of  lines and fissures with the palette knife, and it's ready to dry overnight.

The next day, you can see that the medium has dried clear, and it's ready for an application of paint.

A series of thin washes painted or sprayed on creates some wonderful depth where the paints have  mingled and pooled.

Each gel is different in the way it forms with the knife and many lovely looks result, from soft and subtle hills and valleys to hard-edged firm peaks.  Aren't you eager to try it?

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