Tuesday, 7 October 2014

I'm folding...

...but not my cards.

It's books again (apparently that's another addiction).  

'Exultation' folded book  © Win Dinn 

I found this 'broken' romance novel at Gleaners, removed the soft covers, stained the edges with ink and then folded each page in half vertically.

Unfolding each page one at a time, I then tore the pages so that a flap about an inch wide would stick out, descending and then ascending in waves.

At this stage, I'm always fascinated at the text that appears - I like the cheque for  sixty thousand dollars here!

Curling the flap around a wooden skewer took much less time than did the tearing (and disrupted the sound on the TV much less according to local report).

It intrigues me how the combination of the rigid folding contrasts with the organic feel of the torn areas.  Certainly the finished product provides the feel of uplifted joy that comes with the regular act of creation.  

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