Friday, 7 June 2013

Leaves, and more leaves

Honestly, I am aware that most people view gardens as 1)  a source of wonderful summertime vegetables, or, 2)  an oasis for the soul, filled with flowers, butterflies and the scent of heaven.

For me, it's that time of the year when I'm in the garden checking out the foliage for artistic possibilities.  The virginia creeper has a beautifully shaped leaf,

and my resident 'money tree' is filled with purply green coins.

The quack grass is tall and stately,

and even the other weeds are looking as though they have possibilities.

 The peony bushes, while not yet in bloom in our yard, are rampant with potential,

and the strawberry leaves surely wouldn't be missed if I picked just a few?  (After all, John's already been eating the strawberries, without sharing!)

Look at these gorgeous carrot tops

and the serrated edge of the currant leaves.

Can you tell what's coming up in the Tuesday Tutorial?  Well, of course, we're going to be printing with leaves!

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