Monday, 30 July 2012

A little crazy...

 Who but a mixed media artist would spend a couple of hours early on a sunny summer morning, assiduously ironing a pile of dryer sheets (previously put through the washer and dryer to remove those nasty chemicals)?

Donated by Facebook friends
I put out a request on Facebook about three months ago to have  friends save their dryer sheets for me - as always, I found many willing to help.  This is not the first pile of these I've tackled!
Nearly done the pile
Ironing them on the lowest possible setting is a big job, but interesting because of the huge variety of textures in the different brands of sheets.
Painted with a thin wash of leftover paint, and drying on a palette paper
I use these sheets to mop up leftover paint which I thin to a wash.

Palette paper ready for transfer
When I peel off the dryer sheet, the palette paper itself can be used to create a transfer of texture to a painting.

A rainbow of dryer sheets
Like cheesecloth mop-ups, painted dryer sheets are lovely to incorporate into paintings, and can add wonderful layers and obscure passages when needed.  They can be cut, torn and used as backings for painted papers as well - think soft, folded flowers and fabric additions for quilting, too!

What have you been up to this lovely morning?

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