Friday, 1 November 2013

At Halloween,

there are dozens of ways of celebrate.

Because I'm playing in the sandbox with a mixed media group here this weekend, I spent last night in the town of Claresholm, celebrating with my good friends Alice and Bill Marshall.

Some vampirish visitors, daughters to a friend of the Marshalls, were delightful.  The taller one seems mesmerized/appalled/horrified with Alice's costume.

As Alice later noted, it takes a talented witch to snort a spider out of her nose!

I think Alice

and I

made quite a splash when we hit Latte-Da for lunch. Bill liked our costumes so much that he took a different vehicle to the restaurant, and we have to talk him into sitting with us!

I hope your Halloween was as much fun and doubly creative - did your house and guests display the evening's required creepiness?

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