Saturday, 14 April 2012

Today I'm...

dreaming of summer.  With the cool spring so far, damp weather and grey skies, all my mind does is wander to 25 degree Celsius, hot sun and warm winds.  Add a turquoise pool, cool drink and a lounge chair to that, and I'd be in heaven.

Summer Winds III
12 x 12 Mixed Media
by Win Dinn
Summer here in the Creston Valley means days at the lake, hiking, gardening (for John, at least - I'm mentally allergic), fruit and berry picking and weddings, so of course that means I had to use the LP I scored recently.
Golden Wedding
20 x 16 Mixed Media
by Win Dinn
It makes me somewhat uneasy that I spent my allowance for many years buying 45's and LP's and yet my children never had that pleasure.  Their children will no doubt consider the technology of CD's to be ancient.  I wonder who purchased the record, danced to this music, and how many of their descendants live without knowledge of their lives.

Thanks to Val and Bob van der Poel for the sheet music they unearthed and delivered to match this early 1900's record.  The LP and sleeve were kindly donated by the redoubtable Tammy Hardwick at the Creston Museum.  It not only takes a community to raise a child, but to complete a painting, too.

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