Sunday, 22 April 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

It's certainly a jam-packed weekend here in town  From the Home & Garden Show at the Rec Centre to the crazy busy  painting/cleaning/delivery/installation at the Ingham Arts Centre the town seems like a beehive.

I spent the better part of yesterday morning presenting a workshop entitled Creative Display Design at the Creston campus of  the College of the Rockies - my goodness those Farmers' Market participants are an enthusiastic and sometimes rowdy bunch!  We had a terrific time and I look forward to repeating this on a yearly basis.

In the afternoon, I returned to the Ingham Arts Centre to deliver some more paintings, right after a well-deserved nap!

Show poster for the BC Art and Culture Week show at the Ingham Arts Centre
I am amazed and inspired by the hard work and dedication of the volunteers in this town.  Lori Wikdahl has been painting, cleaning, accepting artwork and installing it for the past several days order to get the space and show ready for this evening's opening.  Ably assisted by Val van der Poel and Grace Tyler, it is really taking shape.

I love art shows - it's such a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by other artists, to get the creative juices flowing and to connect with people who love the process and results of a creative life.

I've submitted about a dozen pieces to the show, some of which have not been shown before except on this site, and look forward to seeing them up on walls quite different from my 'hallway-gallery-waiting-to-go-out-of-town' area.

Flying the Artist Flag  17 x 23 Mixed Media by Win Dinn
Playing with Oranges  8 x 8 
I do hope you plan on attending this evening's opening or viewing the show during this week - your eyes and soul will be glad you did!

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